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  • All Quiet On The Western Front Notes - 3,553 words
    KEY LITERARY ELEMENTS 1. SETTING All Quiet On The Western Front is set during World War I, behind the German frontlines where Paul Baumer is assigned. The setting weaves back and forth between the warfront and the camp where Baumer stays. Once during the novel, Baumer goes home on leave, but the setting quickly reverts to the warfront. The only other setting in the novel is in the hospital. LIST OF CHARACTERS Major Characters Paul Baumer The narrator of the novel. He is a young German infantry soldier who volunteered for military duty during World War I. During the book, he feels secure with his soldier friends, including Muller, Kropp, Kemmerich, and Kat. As he loses them one by one, he gro ...
  • The Life Of Edgar Allen Poe - 364 words
    The Life of Edgar Allen Poe Edgar Allen Poe, the greatest American teller of mystery and suspensetales in the 19th century was a tormented artist. He struggled to become theaccomplished author he is known as today. Poe is now acclaimed as one ofAmerica's greatest writers, but in his own unhappy lifetime, he struggled tomake ends meet. When he was 17, Poe entered the University of Virginia. Allan, his stepfather, gave Poe only a small allowance, and the young man soon began owingmoney. He gambled and ran into greater debt. By the end of the year he owed2,500 dollars. He was nervous and unstable, and he began to drink. Despite hisfrequenting liquor, he could never hold it well. He would easily ...
  • Modernism - 440 words
    Modernism described as movement in arts would best be described as a movement that was used to unit America after a period of crisis, it did this by it being centered on explorations into the spiritual nature of men and the value of his society and institutions. In a way it was like realism they too focused on the changes on society. The modernistic writers always wrote in a very formal defined form. Modernism also played a very important role as a movement in poetry. The way modernism did this was it brought so much more opportunity to the poet as a way of writing. The poet is now able to express themselves in new ways. If it was not for modernism who knows if we would be talking about the ...
  • Medical Misshaps - 591 words
    Your employer has confirmed that you injured your leg in the course of you employment. We have, therefore, sent a report (including our medical findings, our diagnosis, and our estimate of the length of time for your disability) to Worker's Compensation Board.As we discussed, you are entitled to Worker's Compensation regardless of whether or not the injury was caused by your own negligence. You are guaranteed adequate medical care for your injury and financial support to compensate for the loss of wages during the period that you are unable to work.Please remember that you must come into the office for each appointment that we schedule. We must continue to file progress reports until your re ...
  • Subliminal Advertising - 1,644 words
    'They can manipulate anything from your political views to your reproductivebehavior, all in the interest of making a buck' says expert Wilson Bryan Key who wrote the most popular subliminal advertising book ever, Subliminal Subduction. Subliminal Advertising is an important method of influencing consumers to buy company's products. Subliminal advertising, which first came to the public attention in 1957 is embedded, camouflaged, or hidden words and/or symbols in advertisements. Although most of the subliminal advertising is done in the media, subliminal messages are often played in department stores to discourage shoplifters from stealing. Some of the different messages are 'stealing is dis ...
  • Hester Prynne - 1,238 words
    Hester Prynne Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, a dark tale of sin and redemption,centers around the small Puritan community of Boston during the 17th century. In the midst of this small community is Hester Prynne. She is a woman that has defied the Puritans, taken the consequences and in the end conformed with the Puritans. It did,however, take great effort to settle down and become a women of honor again. Hester Prynne, through the eyes of the Puritans, is an extreme sinner. She has gone against the Puritan ways by committing Adultery. The Puritans believed that Hester was a lost soul that could only be saved by sincere and thorough repentance. For thisirrevocably harsh sin, she mu ...
  • Market Size - 898 words
    Market size and Growth The perspective size of the market is based on the number of schools that will potentially allow our organization to teach their students. There are only 13 states in which financial education is required or offered which leaves us with a large potential to spread financial education to 37 other states as well as better cater to the school systems who already have a finance program. This is our key to market growth and ultimately market potential. Since the fall 2001 68.5 million people were enrolled in school the potential for growth is rather larger. Since our company focuses primarily on teens and finance it is our specialty, our primary and only target market, wher ...
  • Cytology, Genetics - 1,058 words
    ... . Defective dynein arms cause male infertility and also lead to respiratory tract and sinus problems. Internal cell movement is possible because the cytoskeleton acts as a 'track' on which cells can move organelles, chromosomes and other things. Some examples are: Vesicle movement between organelles and the cell surface frequently studied in the squid axon. Cytoplasmic streaming, movement of pigment vesicles for protective coloration and the Discharge of vesicle content for water regulation in protozoa Cell division--cytokinesis Movement of chromosomes during mitosis and meiosisCell organelles: components of cells with specific functions.Cell membrane . A complex barrier of lipid molecul ...
  • Crime Films - 1,915 words
    Crime FilmsWhen looking at the crime film it is important to understand the nature ofthe films genre. The genre is a way for the audience to distinguish types offilms. These are categorised together because of standard protocols developedfor a particular types or styles of film. These films usually follow similarguidelines in order to produce a predictable style for the audience. Thedevelopment of genre films is not entirely the prerogative of Hollywood. It ismore the desire of the public viewing audience to have an idea of the type offilm they are about to see. The western, musical or the gangster film areexamples of genre films. These categories of films all have similarities in theways in ...
  • Hard Times - 1,536 words
    Utilitarianism 'Quadruped. Graminivorous. Forty teeth, namelytwenty-four grinders, four eye-teeth, and twelve incisive.Sheds coat in spring......' A perfect example of a product ofutilitarian education, Bitzer defines a horse off the top of hishead in a split second. Utilitarianism is the assumption thathuman beings act in a way that highlights their own selfinterest. It is based on factuality and leaves little room forimagination. Dickens provides three vivid examples of thisutilitarian logic in Hard Times. The first; Mr. ThomasGradgrind, one of the main characters in the book, was theprincipal of a school in Coketown. He was a firm believer inutilitarianism and instilled this philosophy in ...
  • Literary Critique Of Langston Hughes - 812 words
    Langston Hughes's writing showcases a variety of themes and moods, and his distinguished career led his biographer, Arnold Rampersad, to describe him as "perhaps the most representative black American writer." Many of his poems illustrate his role as a spokesman for African American society and the working poor. In others, he relates his ideas on the importance of heritage and the past. Hughes accomplishes this with a straightforward, easily understandable writing style that clearly conveys his thoughts and opinions, although he has frequently been criticized for the slightly negative tone to his works. One of the most predominate themes seen throughout Hughes's poetry is that of discriminat ...
  • Social Science - 335 words
    I knew then that I wanted to devote my studies to learning how body mechanisms react to varying chemicals. Witnessing innovative pharmaceutical research had only intensified my passion for biochemistry, a subject I had become fascinated with in high school; it had intrigued me because it integrated my love of chemistry with my desire to learn more about biological processes. My A-level studies provided me with a solid introduction to biochemistry; I now seek a greater academic focus and more extensive research opportunities by pursuing a university degree. Throughout high school, my extracurricular activities sharpened skills I will need in my biochemistry course-even if the activities often ...
  • Best Friend - 921 words
    Best friend It was raining the day Mark Turner died. On a dark, rainy summer night, he foolishly got in the passenger side of a 1998 midnight blue Eclipse. His 19 year old cousin Sam, was the driver, and Sam had a little too much to drink that night. At about three in the morning, they were leaving a party that one of Sam's friends threw. They were rushing home, because they already had missed curfew by two hours. Not aware of his surroundings, Sam carelessly got on the wrong side of the road. A speeding pickup was heading right their way. By the time they saw the truck, it was too late. Sam swerved his car to the right. Although they missed hitting the truck by a few inches, the sleet on th ...
  • One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest - 1,134 words
    ... mutual respect of everyone in the ward.Billy Bibbit is insecure and has a stutter. His name is ironic in that it resembles a stutter when said. His problems have probably been caused by his overbearing mother, who was very protective and spoke for him whenever possible.In a large group of individuals, these personalities are often seen; A rebel character who goes against the system is almost always present in a class inside a school; A veteran who has gained the respect of everyone in that particular grouping; A person who is lacking in confidence, often reluctant to speak out. Today, in contemporary society, a class system is still very much a part of everyday life. People are classed ...
  • Donal Trump - 1,176 words
    ... a great building than a dilapidated duplex. With the skyscraper if you make it successful you make a lot of money. "and if you don't hit it, what's the difference between losing $100,000 or hundreds of millions of dollars? Either way, you've lost, so you might as well have really gone for it." (Trump, Mclver p.35 2004). This is the kind of mentality that has made Donald Trump a rich and successful businessman. Transformational Donald Trump is a Transformational leader. He puts extreme amounts of passion and energy into their projects. He doesn't like to go into a project if he is not going into one hundred percent. Transformational leaders wholeheartedly trust their employees. Donald Tr ...
  • Charter Schools - 1,112 words
    Book Title: Adolescence - The Survival Guide for Parents And TeenagersAuthors: Elizabeth Fenwick and Dr. Tony SmithDate Published: 1996Publisher: DK Publishing, Inc. This book is exactly what it says it is - a Guidebook or Manual for both parents and teens that offers insight and advice on a wide range of adolescent developmental concerns. Organized into convenient topical sections for both parent and teen readers, the text can be easily consulted when seeking advice on a particular issue, or simply read cover to cover. Either way, the reader will find a wealth of practical advice for both parent and teen. The authors approach their subject in a sympathetic and sensitive manner in an effort ...
  • The Gap - 1,561 words
    By: Thomas Blankenship E-mail: Affirmative Action Affirmative action is one of the more recent and popular civil rights policies that affect today's society. Affirmative action can be described as nothing more than a lower educational standard for minorities. It has become quite clear that affirmative action is unfair and unjust. However, in order to blend race, culture, and genders to create a stable and diverse society, someone has to give. How can this be justified? Is there a firm right or wrong to affirmative action? Is this policy simply taking something from one person and giving it to someone else, or is there more to this policy, such as affirmative action being a reward for years ...
  • Faulkners Absalom, Absalom!: An Innovative Narrative Technique - 1,994 words
    Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom!: An Innovative Narrative TechniqueShawn Montano Guilt should be viewed through the eyes of more than one person,southern or otherwise. William Faulkner filters the story, Absalom, Absalom!,through several minds providing the reader with a dilution of its representation.Miss Rosa, frustrated, lonely, mad, is unable to answer her own questionsconcerning Sutpen's motivation. Mr. Compson sees much of the evil and theillusion of romanticism of the evil that turned Southern ladies into ghosts.Charles Bon and Henry Sutpen are evaluated for their motives through QuentinCompson and Shreve McCannon. Quentin attempt to evade his awareness, Shreve theoutsider (with Quentin's ...

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