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  • Poem - 265 words
    God in NatureIn the mountains God paints himself. The flowers represent his beauty, the trees His shelter. No one can refuse His great power as you traverse the highest peak. Through the valleys and up the hills, the Creator has revealed Himself to man. A blind man is even capable to see the bliss and perfection of what the hills have to offer. Who can refuse this great God, who has spread His love into nature?The hills are alive with sound of music. Another means, by which the Great One shares His love. Everything sings and gives sounds to represent Him. The birds, the crickling of mountain streams, the roaring of a powerful waterfall all reflect His music. The crickets come out at night an ...
  • Creative Writing: Beer And Drugs Make People Suck - 622 words
    Creative Writing: Beer and Drugs Make People SuckThere is a weak smoke rising up over the treetops. The golden sun is onits way down in west and on a little campsite in the woods, can Dan see a littleflame from a fireplace and he can hear laughter, songs and clinging bottles. Danwalks a little closer to find out who's there. Suddenly he steps on a stick andone of the people on the campsite stands up and shouts: 'Who is it ?' Dan canhear that it is George who is shouting.'It's Dan!' he shouts back. 'Come over here and party with us Dan.'George shouts.Dan walks over to the campsite and sits down beside Kelly, who have beena girlfriend with Dan, some time ago. George offers Dan a beer, but he d ...
  • Jane Erye - 992 words
    I enjoyed the novel Rebecca thoroughly because of its many plot twists, suspense,universal themes and realistic characters. This novel ties closely with the novel Jane Eyre ,in theme, plot and characters. My second novel A Room With A View has similar womencharacters and themes but has a very dissimilar plot line. All three of the novels are set inItaly in the early 1900's. All three authors wrote love stories that included a strong willedman and an inferior woman. I found Daphne DuMaurier and Charlotte Bronte's writing styles similar in manyways. Rebecca is written in the first person as a memory from the past. The novel beginsby sinking directly into the story, " Last night I dreamt I went ...
  • Jean Baptiste Lully - 1,356 words
    Jean Baptiste Lully was a prolific composer who is best known for establishing French Opera. (Boynick) Born in Florence on the 28th of November 1632, (Boynick) Giovanni Battista Lulli was a miller's son. (Sadie 2000 pg 166) Lully first arrived in France in March of 1646 (Jean Baptiste Lully) to work as an attendant for a female courtier. (Sadie 2000 pg. 166) "During his six years in her household, Lully, already an expert at the guitar and violin, polished his skills as a performer and composer." (Straughan (a)) He made a name for himself as a dancer in the court ballets. (Straughan (a))He caught the attention of King Louis XIV and initially served him as 'composer of instrumental music" (St ...
  • The Catcher In The Rye Relative To The 1950s - 1,015 words
    ... s for instance. They annoy the hell out of me, if youwant to know the truth'(Salinger 99). Wadsworth 5. At that time the Church was very important in peoples lives it was thebasic cornerstone in the average American family, most Families attendedchurch together, even those who didn't attend church were faith basedfollowers. The role that church played was important because it kept hopealive for the people who weren't doing as good as they should have beendoing during the positive economic times. I belive that in Holden's mind everyone was doing well, and the worldwas full of a bunch of phony upper-middle class people who thought theywere all that and a bag of chips. Values during that ti ...
  • Determinism Vs. Free Will In "their Eyes Were Watching God." - 1,401 words
    Laura LecarreauxMay 4, 2005LIT 233/Section 09Professor Carbonell "'...but she don't seem to mind at all. Reckon dey understand one 'nother.'" A woman's search for her own free will to escape the chains of other people in Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God.In the continuing philosophical debate of free will versus determinism, the question arises as to whether or not free will exists. Do people really have the capability of making decisions on their own? OR Is life already determined, and whatever we do is (and always was) the only thing that we could have done at that time, conditions being what they were? Given the circumstances in Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watchin ...
  • The Great Ponds - 1,623 words
    ... lso the dibia in charge was working very hard to prevent other dibias from finding out. Aliokoro were the ones doing the cooking. It was finally coming together; the rent being cut; his name being called three times; someone fro Aliokoro was behind it. Anwuanwa could deal with the situation. Throughout the morning he battled for Olumba's life. In two days Olumba was well again. His recovery was rapid as his illness was unexpected. They made a deal with the dibia to retain him for Olumba for the next three months. Anwuanwa was prepared to work as long as he wanted them to. A sure way to enhance Olumba's peace of mind was to find his lost wife, the mother of his only son. Another search pa ...
  • Psychology Book Report - 1,343 words
    The Boy who couldn't stop Washing written by DR. Judith Rapoport, published by Penguin books in 1989, containing 292 pages, deals with obsessive compulsive disorder. Dr. Rapoport is a psychiatrist who specializes in obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). In this, book she reveals new drug treatments, new methods in diagnosis and behaviorist therapies. This is done through the study of her patients and their disorders. Rapoport has revealed this secret disease and hopes to bring and understanding about it to all that may suffer from it and to anyone who may want to be informed. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about OCD. It may help those who face this disease every ...
  • Chilvary - 807 words
    Chivalry was a major quality that people wanted to live up to between the twelfth and fifteenth century. Chivalry meant that a person had to be brave, courteous, generous, gallant, show respect for women, and have excellent manners on a daily basis. Chivalry was a hard quality for people to accept and be able to perform on a daily basest, but it was still a quality that many people had a lot of respect for, and wanted to have. People even started writing short stories about chivalry, and the different warriors in there fancy armor. Authors started to write stories about chivalry due to the fact that there was so much respect for chivalrous people and it was such a hard quality for a person t ...
  • Farming - 867 words
    FarmingI am doing my paper on farming because that is my job and the pay gets s me through college. Farming is a very important and a very hard job at times. A lot of farmers don't get much credit for all the work they do and they don't get much pay for it either. When most farmers grow in age they start to get crippled and start to get arthritis. All farmers have a few stories about their experiences on the farm. I am going to tell you about some of mine and some of my boss's. The other things I am going to wrote about in this paper is some of the equipment we use, the number of cows he milks, the animals he has on his farm, stuff about his family and himself. The farm I work at is located ...
  • Process Essay 2 - 1,415 words
    Purchasing Power Parity and International Commodity ArbitrageForeign Exchange Foreign exchange refers to two different things. The first is currency claims expressed in the equivalent value in foreign money. The second is actual transactions involving the conversion of money of one country into that of another. Foreign exchange is necessary because different countries have different monetary units. One country's currency typically cannot be used in another country. The determination of the price at which the currency of one country will be or should be exchanged for that of another country is the basis of this and many other essays and studies. Foreign exchange is a commodity, and its price ...
  • The War Of Freedom Of Expression - 1,843 words
    The War of Freedom of Expression 'Taking on anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers in the sanctifiedcourtroom environment is like responding to someone who calls your mothera prostitute. By defending you raise the question that maybe she reallywas' Anonymous source drawn from Weiman and Win,1986. The right to freedom of expression can be described as a war. It is awar that has lasted for centuries and may last for centuries more. It is a warbetween freedom of expression and social intolerance. In this war there aremany battles. The battle on which this brief essay centers itself is the battlebetween freedom of speech and laws limiting that freedom; more specifically theability to spread hate pro ...
  • The Problems Of Southern California - 1,808 words
    From reading the author's book "Ecology of Fear," Mike Davis' main thesis for writing this book was to make readers become aware of the underlying problems and threats which have existed or currently exist in Southern California and how these problems shape the way we live today and in the imminent future as well. Although Davis did not really provide us with any remedies for the problems facing Southern California, this book made it very clear to the readers that problems do still exist, although at times they may sound subtle in nature. Of the numerous problems which do exist in Southern California, I will discuss only a handful of the problems that Davis provided us insight to. In the fol ...
  • Another Call Of The Wild - 843 words
    Throughoutthe novel The Call of the Wild, we follow a dog namedBuck through his journey through the Klondike. Weexperience a transformation in him, as he adapts to the cold,harsh land where he is forced to toil in the snow, just to helpmen find a shiny metal. Buck seems to almost transform intoa different dog by the end of the book. In this essay, I willgo over what Buck was like, how and why he was forced toadapt to his new environment, and what he changed into.When we first met up with Buck, he lived in the Santa ClaraValley, on Judge Miller's property. He was the ruler of hisdomain, uncontested by any other local dogs. he was a mixbetween a St. Bernard and a Scotch Shepherd dog. Heweighed ...
  • Mistakes That Should Not Last A Lifetime - 716 words
    Teenage pregnancy seems to be a growing problem in today's society. The stereotypes that come along with being a pregnant teen have also grown. Most teenage mothers today are labeled as irresponsible, and at time are considered bed parents without being given a chance. It is true that careless decisions had to be made in order for the mother to have ever become pregnant, but it is completely unfair for all teenage mothers to have to carry these normal stereotypes. I believe that all teenage mothers should be given a chance to prove that they too can be responsible parents. I have met society's stereotypical teenage parent. Heather Goode was a very close friend of mine in high school. At the ...

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