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  • The Warmth Of Human Emotion - 802 words
    The Warmth of Human EmotionHeat and warmth are usually depicted as elements of comfort and security. This warmth is what people crave to achieve this comfort. In Evelyn Lau's "Family," the heat and warmth give deeper meaning in regards to human emotion. The contrasting images of ice and cold as well resemble the abstract human emotion in the short story. The elements are used in such a way as to satisfy the hunger of emotional warmth in regards to the characters Zoe and Douglas.As the story unfolds there is a sense of coldness surrounding the community. The setting stage for the action is in fact a community in a cold winter. Through warmth is how one reaches one's own comfort level. It is n ...
  • The Salem Witch Trials - 1,291 words
    The Salem witch trials began withthe accusation of people in Salemof being witches. But the conceptof witchcraft started far beforethese trials and false accusationsoccurred. In the early Christiancenturies, the church wasrelatively tolerant of magicalpractices. Those who were proved tohave engaged in witchcraft wererequired only to do penance. But inthe late Middle Ages (13th centuryto 14th century) opposition toalleged witchcraft hardened as aresult of the growing belief thatall magic and miracles that did notcome unambiguously from God camefrom the Devil and were thereforemanifestations of evil. Those whopracticed simple sorcery, such asvillage wise women, wereincreasingly regarded asprac ...
  • An Analysis Of Political Eliti - 1,431 words
    An Analysis of Political ElitismIt is easy to believe that the middle-class working individual, whether he or she be white collar or blue collar, wields little political power except for during an election. It is also easy to think that we don't have true democracy; political representation elected by the people, for the people, and controlled by these people. This is an ideology that is often worn out. Instead, these elected representatives are controlled by political 'elites: high-ranking political 'gladiators', the media, lobbyists, and, though it may not seem evident, big business. It is, in essence, commonly believed by most. Some reasons why political 'elites at times dominate governme ...
  • Satsis At Corcyra - 1,398 words
    Stasis at Corcyra The French Revolution, the American Civil War, the constant civil conflicts in certain parts of Africa in recent history and even today; these are all historical clashes of countrymen. They all also contain stories of immense atrocities. The violence, bloodshed, and ruthlessness that were seen throughout these events were appalling. They were made perhaps even more so by the fact that theses horrors were inflicted upon one another by countrymen, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers. The civil war or stasis at Corcyra during the Peloponnesian War was no different. This paper will detail the events surrounding the conflict and attempt to give scope to it as a mirror into ...
  • Office Ladies - 709 words
    Ogasawara's article takes an interesting approach in analyzing the behavior of office ladies. She starts out by saying that women are the ones that are working under the men and that they have to be subordinate. She also talks about how men have more power and room to grow in their careers while the office ladies are stuck in their positions as they are and aren't expected to try hard and do well since there is no room to be promoted. It seems as if the article is going in the direction of talking about the hardships of office ladies at this point. However, the article takes a sharp turn and starts talking about how the office ladies actually have an advantage. Although they are at the botto ...
  • Freedom Of Expression - Our First Amendment Rights Are Threatened - 1,168 words
    What is art? Can it be defined in any single painting, or sculpture? Is it even something that can be seen, or does it have to be experienced? The term 'art' is so vague that it can be applied to almost anything, really. Mostly, however, art should be that which frees our imagination. It connects our conscious with our subconscious, putting into a visual form what we feel and think. It allows us to explore our inner self and fill that urge to understand our minds and our universe. Art helps us to see beyond the ordinary, to see what is in our hearts without being blinded by reality. When an artist creates a painting, it is not to create a picture; it is to create a feeling or mood. The purpo ...
  • The Yellow Wallpaper - 832 words
    In 'The Yellow Wallpaper', by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, there is adominant/submissive relationship that exists between an oppressive husband andhis submissive wife. This oppressive husband leads his wife from a state ofdepression to a state of insanity and finally, to a state of isolation. Had thehusband not been so oppressive upon his wife, he could have realized her problemand resolved it without tearing himself away from her. The woman does notbecome insane because of the wallpaper alone; rather, it is the strictguidelines her husband sets for her that prompt her eventual insanity andisolation.As the story begins, the woman -- whose name we never learn-- tells of her depression and how it ...
  • Endgame By Samuel Beckett - 684 words
    As stated by Cohn in her article ' 'Endgame': The Gospel According to Sad Sam Beckett' there is much evidence given relating to the many comparable instances between the Bible and Beckett's "Endgame." With this interpretation as well as the discussion about the significance of the title, and the constant reference to the end of the world, it is nearly impossible to see Beckett's "Endgame" as anything other than a post-apocalyptic tale. I found particularly interesting Cohn's relation to Beckett's Hamm and the Bible's Ham. Ham being the son of Noah, as Cohn states, he is responsible for the survival of life. In the Bible, Ham obeys the wishes of his father, and thus God, and devoted his life ...
  • Mr Bobby - 741 words
    I am not a big fan of the 1990 movie version of William Shakespeare's Hamlet, starring Mel Gibson. I feel that while it stands alone as a very well made movie and contains great acting performances throughout, I think that it strays too far from the original text and layout of the play. The omissions and transposing makes the play weaker, and while it is a great screenplay, it fails in comparison to Shakespeare's original work. The three things which bother me the most are the omission of Fortinbras and the handling of the, "To be or not to be..." soliloquy and the "Get thee to a nunnery..." scene, and Hamlet's Oedipus complex. Omitting the subplot of Fortinbras took away the whole political ...
  • Lord Of The Flies - 829 words
    Lord of fliesEssay In the 'Lord of Flies'; William Golding does tell us a story about a group of English boys stranded on a Pacific Island, in the literal level but in a more allegorical level he tells a story about corruption of innocence, brutality/savagery and victimisation/prejudice through the characters of Ralph, Jack, Piggy and Simon. Interesting stylistic features such as symbolism and omnipotent narrator make this story more than just a simple story. Ralph can be seen as a fair head boy, tall, well built and the major character of the novel. In a deeper sense Ralph represents Law, order and authority but not in a tyrannic way, he also represents democracy and justice. It is also thr ...
  • Study On Religion - 963 words
    Study on ReligionMike Fehl Sociology-4 Mr. Winch January 6, 1997Scientific MethodIsolating the Problem - Does religious involvement have any impact on how peopleact? I wanted to find out if how involved a person was in their religion hadany effect on their moral standards, behavior, or grades in school. I felt thattheir might be a pattern formed with involvement and the afore-mentionedvariables.Forming a Hypothesis - My hypothesis going into this paper was: Those peoplewho are involve in their religion, on average, have higher moral standards,better behavior, and do better in school than those who are not as involved intheir religion.Building a Research Design - In conducting my research I u ...
  • A Look A "pratical Magic" - 1,802 words
    Practical Magic was released October 16, 1998. The story is about two sisters who break a curse that had been placed on their family for over 200 years, by their ancestor Maria. Throughout the movie the theme is magic. Practical Magic helps to break the false images placed on witches and magic throughout time, but at times, the movie, still upholds some of the negative views of witches. There are many stereotypes that are set upon modern witchcraft and magic in today's society that Hollywood has helped to maintain. In society there are people that are the selected voice of the general public in critiquing movies. I will be looking at Practical Magic's use of magic to see how they break or pe ...
  • Guarding Sing Sing - 1,217 words
    Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing Unable to get official permission to interview and write about correctional officers, Ted Conover, author of the book Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing, "got in' by applying for a correctional officer position. After training, he and his fellow rookies, known as 'newjacks,' were randomly assigned to Sing Sing, one of the country's most famous -- and infamous -- prisons. Sing Sing, a maximum-security male prison, was built in 1828 by prisoners themselves, kept at their task by frequent use of the whip. Today, the chaos, the backbiting, the rundown building and equipment, the disrespect and the relentless stress that Conover experienced in his year at Sing Sing show, quit ...
  • Great Gatsby-santiago - 1,094 words
    This may be true in all cases, but it is clearly predominant in Ernest Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea. It is evident that Hemingway modeled the main character, Santiago after his own person, and that the desires, the mentality, and the lifestyle of the old man are identical to Hemingway's. Santiago is an old fisherman who lives in a small coast town in Cuba. At the time that Hemingway wrote the story, he was also an elderly gentlemen and was such an avid fisherman throughout his life, that books such as 'Ernest Hemingway, The Angler As Artist" were written on the sole subject of how this obsession influenced Hemingway's writing. Furthermore, he fished off the coast of Cuba so much that he d ...

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