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Example research essay topics, free essays

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  • The War Of Freedom Of Expression - 1,843 words
    The War of Freedom of Expression 'Taking on anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers in the sanctifiedcourtroom environment is like responding to someone who calls your mothera prostitute. By defending you raise the question that maybe she reallywas' Anonymous source drawn from Weiman and Win,1986. The right to freedom of expression can be described as a war. It is awar that has lasted for centuries and may last for centuries more. It is a warbetween freedom of expression and social intolerance. In this war there aremany battles. The battle on which this brief essay centers itself is the battlebetween freedom of speech and laws limiting that freedom; more specifically theability to spread hate pro ...
  • Karma And Reincarnation - 1,478 words
    KARMA and REINCARNATION Navigate: Ashram| Gurudeva | Newspaper| Church | Temple | Resources | HHE |Himalayan Academy Home PageThe twin beliefs of karma and reincarnation are among Hinduism's many jewels of knowledge. Others include dharma or our pattern of religious conduct, worshipful communion with God and Gods, the necessary guidance of the Sat Guru, and finally enlightenment through personal realization of our identity in and with God. So the strong-shouldered and keen-minded rishis knew and stated in the Vedas. And these are not mere assumptions of probing, brilliant minds. They are laws of the cosmos. As God's force of gravity shapes cosmic order, karma shapes experiential order. Our l ...
  • Kim Campbell: Descriptive Biography - 666 words
    In a democracy, government isn't something that a group of people do TO everybody else, it's not even something they do FOR every body else, it should be something they do WITH everybody else. 'Kim Campbell, March 25th, 1993Avril Phaendra Douglas Campbell was born in Port Albeni, B.C. SHortly after her birth her parents moved to Vancouver where her father was studying law. Her family life didn't turn out to be succesful, so her parents divorced when she was 12. By the age of 13 she changed her name to Kim. She was always on top in her Prince Of Wales Secondary school and she marked the begining of her political career by being the first female student president.In 1964, Kim went to the Unive ...
  • How Do The Attitudes To Love E - 1,326 words
    How Do The Attitudes To Love Expressed In The Following Poems Differ From One Another?The following three poems 'To His Coy Mistress';, by Marvell, 'The Good Morrow';, by Donne, and 'Sonnet 116';, by Shakespeare all tackle the theme of love. Although they are all written about the same subject, they show remarkably different approaches. Two are written from the narrator to his lover to persuade her into commitment into a sexual or loving relationship. The third gives a neutral definition of true love. Marvell's is concerned with seizing the moment and living life to the full, and satisfying his need for sexual intercourse in his relationship. The narrator is more concerned about lust than lo ...
  • William Harrison - 392 words
    William Henry Harrison William Harrison was our 9th president. He had many accomplishments before he was president. He gave the longest inaugural speech. In 1809 William Harrison negotiated the Treaty of Fort Wayne. The treaty was an agreement between the United States and many Native American tribes. In 1811 Harrison led soldiers in the battle of Tippecanoe against a Shawnee Tribe. The Americans won the battle and he was a hero after the Battle of Tippecanoe. He was also in charge of the committee on military affairs. In 1816 he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. In 1819 he was elected to the Ohio State Senate. In 1825 he was elected to the U.S. Senate. He then was named mini ...
  • Locke & Human Nature - 371 words
    In The Second Treatise of Government, Locke defines political power, discusses the inalienable birth-rights of man, and the need for both in the formation of a legitimate government.John Locke's The Second Treatise of Government defines a legitimate government in relation to the protection of inalienable rights. He views a valid government as one which upholds his three main natural laws of life, liberty and property. In defining political power, Locke insists that it is proper to make laws "for the regulating and preserving of property," and adds, that if necessary, "the execution of such laws, and in the defense of the common-wealth [sic] from foreign injury." This is needed "for the publi ...
  • After The Louisianna Purchase - 1,035 words
    After the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, a large amount of land west of the original 13 states and the Northwest Territory were acquired. The open land, additional benefits and other existing problems encouraged Americans to expand westward. The American people began to realize that the future of the country lay in the development of its own western resources. There were many reasons that made the people face the grueling and dangerous movement west, but the primary reason was economy.'Like the Spanish conquistadors before them, the Americans looked beyond the Mississippi, they saw an open beckoning. Despite the presence of hundreds of Indian nations with rich and distinct cultures, who had pop ...
  • Mcdonaldization: Health In A Fastfood Society - 1,369 words
    McDonaldization: Health in A Fastfood Society McDonaldization, is the term Ritzer derived from the McDonalds' fastfood chain to describe the state of our society. Ritzer claims our socialinstitutions have become completely dehumanized in the form of a bureaucracy.Health care is an example of one institution that is characterized by the fourcomponents of bureaucracy: efficiency, predictability, control andquantification. In the past, health care was more simplistic in nature. House callswere no unheard of, and doctors knew all of their patients and their families ona personal level. The doctor who delivered your parents would deliver you aswell as your future children. Follow-ups were quite n ...
  • Eli Whitney - 492 words
    Eli Whitney Before the invention of the cotton gin, Americans would remove cottonseed by hand. Slaves were hired to complete this procedure. This would take a very long time and something had to be done. Later on, a man named Eli Whitney invented a device called the cotton gin. The cotton gin is a machine for removing the seeds from cotton fiber. His invention could produce up to fifty pounds of cotton each day. Eli Whitney was born in Westboro, Massachusetts in the year 1765. As a child, he was very talented in machinery. He worked as a blacksmith and invented a nail making machine. Whitney had a dream to go to Yale College, and worked extremely hard to achieve his goals. He finally got acc ...
  • Enrons Fall - 1,421 words
    Abstract:Ray Bowen, a Citigroup banker at the time and now Enron's chief financial officer, once asked Mr. [Andrew Fastow] about a batch of complex equations that filled a whiteboard in the conference room next to the Mr. Fastow's office. 'You can't tell me you understand those equations,' Mr. Bowen commented to Mr. Fastow. Mr. Fastow replied: 'I pulled them out of a book to intimidate people.'The Fastows headed to Mrs. Fastow's native Houston in 1990, both taking jobs at a young company called Enron. Just five years old, Enron was starting to evolve from a natural-gas and pipeline company into a trading firm. Mr. Fastow was one of the first managers hired by Mr. [Jeffrey Skilling], who hims ...
  • Management Information Systems - 1,255 words
    Management Information SystemStatistical Research and Methods for Management DecisionMarch 2, 2004AbstractIn this study, choices of respondent are evaluated to aid the Authority in preparing the scope of services to be used in an RFP for the selection of a Firm able to provide IT Management System services. Respondents participated in focus group as well as answer questions to a questionnaire that was tabulated that will aid in the sampling of data collection and data analysis. Problem Statement: The Housing Authority of the City of Camden (HACC) needs to upgrade the Management Information Systems (MIS) to address the constant changes of the organization. Presently, HACC is using a system ca ...
  • Evolution V. Creation - 1,715 words
    Evolution Should the stork theory appear in books on reproduction? How about astrological lore in expositions on astronomy? It would be unreasonable to even consider those ridiculous concepts. This is why the idea of creation should not be considered as the answer to how life began. Rather, the theory of evolution accounts for the creation of life. Charles Darwin is credited with creating the theory of evolution. Evolution assumes that all natural forms arose from their ancestors and adapted over time to their environments, thus leading to variation. In evolution, there are many rules the environment places upon the survival of a species. "There are many misconceptions that creationists have ...
  • Hypnosis To Quit Smoking - 1,927 words
    1. The premise of my essay is that women have a better success rate than men when using hypnosis for cessation of cigarette smoking. Each year 440,000 people die of diseases caused by smoking, that is about 20 percent of all deaths in the United States. The number of woman dying from lung cancer has shown a dramatic increase while the number of men dying from lung cancer has shown a gradual reduction. This reflects the increase in smoking among woman after the Second World War. In Scotland and the United States, death in women from lung cancer now exceed those from breast cancer. Smoking related heart disease and stroke occur in both men and women. Smoking is linked with poor reproductive he ...
  • Philosophy - 619 words
    The philosophy of Tae Kwon Do is to build a more peaceful world. To accomplish this goal Tae Kwon Do begins with the foundation, the individual. The Art strives to develop the character, personality, and positive moral and ethical traits in each practitioner. It is upon this 'foundation' of individuals possessing positive attitudes and characteristics that the 'end goal' may be achieved. Tae Kwon Do strives to develop the positive aspects of an individual's personality: Respect, Courtesy, Goodness, Trustworthiness, Loyalty, Humility, Courage, Patience, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control, an Indomitable Spirit and a sense of responsibility to help and respect all forms of life. This takes ...
  • War And Peace - 298 words
    Leo Tolstoy's novel, War and Peace, contains three kinds of material, a historical account of the Napoleonic wars, the biographies of fictional characters, and a set of essays about the philosophy of history. Critics from the 1860s to the present have wondered how these three parts cohere, and many have faulted Tolstoy for including the lengthy essays, but readers continue to respond to them with undiminished enthusiasm. The work's historical portions narrate the campaign of 1805 leading to Napoleon's victory at the Battle of Austerlitz, a period of peace, and Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812. Contrary to generally accepted views, Tolstoy portrays Napoleon as an ineffective, egomaniacal ...

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