Inthe present age the various societies of world despite the manifold advancement in science and technology are being persistently plagued by the serious social problems. The idea of setting up a global university can be a very helpful in solving the serious social problems like Illiteracy, Poverty and apart hied, sexual abuse, drug addiction. Cooperation amongst various countries is defenitely required to solve these problems. Recent mutual agreement amongst the countries of the world against the terrorism has defenitely improved the condition and reduced the incidence of terrorist attacks.

Such mutual cooperation can also be brought about in solving the issues like child labour. But the major drawback in such a setup can be the it can be a good stage for solving the problem common to the countries but certain problems are there which other societies are not even aware of like dowry system in southwestern asia to which most of the western countries are ignorant. Then why would they like to bear the expenditure for solving these problems which are exclusive to particular nations. So establishing such a university calls for rating above the personal greens of nations and looking at the problems as challenges against humanity.

The nature of problems for each nation depends on the cultural history of the society and thus needs to be dealt in the similar context. This university can be an ideal place for cross cultural communication and thus creating awareness and respect for other cultures and hence looking at the positive aspects of other cultures and utilizing their methodology for tackling the problems. With the fast modernisation of the societies and the western culture rapidly replacing the traditional cultural values of developing countries like India. The socialists can be aware of the reprecurssions of the excessive modernisation in advance and can get ready to deal with the future situation and avoiding to be taken by surprise.

Its very important for every society to retain their cultural values because thats what keeps the people of a region united. The professionals produced by this university can become the forerunners in the governing bodies and thus eliminating the social problems at the grass root level. The exchange of technological and scienitfic knowhow through this university can also play an important role in tackling the problems. Concluding ly, the people of different nations of world have alot many problems in common which they have facing and been living with for long periods so there needs to brought in some innovative idea in the direction of solving these problems and setting up this university can be really fruitful if all the nations participate with full honesty and share their knowhow with each other. Such a university can be a step in the direction for a stronger and peaceful world of tommorow.