Today, just like every other morning I woke up to the sound of my alarm at seven a. m. After that I went downstairs and ate a bowl of cereal. Then I took a warm shower and got changed.

After I changed I prepared my homework and basketball practice jersey. My mother gave me a ride to school at eight a. m. When I arrived at the school I went straight to my locker got my books for chemistry first hour and my Spanish book to study for my test third hour.

During chemistry, we turned in our lab notebooks which contain all the labs we did last week. Then we took notes over water treatment. In second hour I discovered that I had not yet finished my geometry homework so I preceded to barrow a geometry book from another student to finish it. It took me approximately fifteen minutes to complete. After that I studied for my test in Spanish next hour.

When the bell rang, I went and took the test. I feel I probably received B. That took all period. I then went to computer concepts where I worked on using Microsoft Access. At lunch next period I ate pizza and talked to friends. The main topic was how our table decreased two people because they both moved.

Afterward I continued to geometry where we checked our homework and took a quiz. I feel I did well. After that it was on to physical education. We played ping pong for awhile until we got bored.

Cody Meyer made up this game. It was called three person ping pong. It starts by one guy hitting the ball to the other side. Two other guys were on the other side. The person on the left would return it and the others would run around the table to the left. The game will continue until someone did not hit the ball to the other side.

That was a really fun game. The last class of the day was English were we corrected and turned in our papers. I hope that I receive a good grade on it because I worked on it for a long time. After school I set off for basketball practice. To start practice the sophomore and varsity teams did a half court three men weave trying to make thirty shots in a minute and thirty seconds. We made it on our second try so next time we must get thirty-one.

To continue practice we played against the varsity team. If a team scored a basket than they would get the ball back for another chance. The problem with this is the varsity kept scoring so we never got the ball. Towards the end of practice, we split the post players and the guards so that the post players were on one side and the guards were on the other. Since I am a post player, I only know what we did. We worked on scoring with a defender behind you.

Practice ended early because the girls had a game so we got out at 4: 30. I walked home in the rain for the reason that I do not yet have my license. I got home and ate some leftover pork since my mom was at my sister's volleyball game. Immediately after, I started this journal. Overall it has been a good day..