When talking about morality, The Holocaust is the biggest issue to come up. In many countries people are offered freedom, justice, and democracy. When a country is taken over by a dictatorship, all of these qualities are taken away. When Hitler decided to change the view points of Germany, we all knew the World was coming to the worst of times. Everyone's morals were taken advantage of, and nobody had say in anything that had happened in this period of time.

The Nazis shut out The Jews out of their homes, jobs and respect. The Nazis put millions of Jews into trains and shipped them off to Poland to concentration camps. Of course the people had no say. Later, The Jews were told they were going to Poland to have a better life, they were lied to. The characteristic of trust was violated and all Jews were taken advantage of because they didn't know what to do. There only choices were to listen or to die.

Some of the actions done to the Jewish people are unspeakable. After the war Germany was in great depression because the lose of the war and the reparations they had to pay. Hitler had a thought in his mind that the blame of the war should go towards Jewish people, and Gypsies and other types of people. Hitler began to use propaganda to advertise the way he felt and because people had no idea of their own, they listened. Hitler was a strong speaker and what he said impacted the people of Germany. All of the Jewish people who lived in Germany were moved to the Ghettos, where if they tried to escape, they would be shot.

The ethics of Justice is now questioned. Why should people be moved out of their homes, put in the worst living conditions, and deprived of their freedoms. Everything that was owned by Jewish people was taken away. When the Jews arrived at the concentration camps, all of their clothes were taken away, their jewelery, and whatever luggage they had. The People who worked in the concentration camps told then their stuff would be sent to Canada, of course again they were lied to.

The women were whipped, everyone was starving. If you refuse to work or to listen the Nazis would kill you. The weak women and children were told to take a shower. Instead of a shower, they were gase d. As I said the actions are unspeakable.

The main character was in the best situation and the worst, because he was able to fight and to win for one of the Controllers, he was able to live. In the beginning of the movie he was seperated from his family and his soon to be wife. In the end he is left with nothing but hope to rebuild his life. When he fought he was given "prizes" for winning. At first he was given bread.

When he returned back to his "bed" people began to ask him for bread because they were all in starvation. The first dilemma he had to face was to share with the rest or to keep it all to himself. In the end he shared. Most of the decisions that he made were the right ones. In the end, he was free, and to survive something as horrible as The Holocaust is a life long memory..