Deborah 9 January 2003 8: 45 AM Period 2 Room 17 B Demographics: This is an English 9 - 12 Alternate Education class combined with Mrs. Price's tenth grade Regents level class. There are twenty students enrolled in the Alternate Education program. Thirteen students are classified special education.

Four of these students are female and sixteen are male. In Mrs. Price's English 10 class there are twenty-one students enrolled; eight of these students are female and thirteen are male. This particular lesson is called "Know Yourself." It is an introspective study of the students through discussion, reading, analysis of poetry, and artwork. Goals: . Students will listen to an essay called "The Beauty of Holland: Begin a New Dream." They will be able to identify lines or excerpts from the essay and relate it to experiences in their own lives.

(Goal #2 - Preparation). Given the quote by Washington Irving, "Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune," the students will engage in a discussion about its meaning, how it relates to our theme book Indian Captive - The Story of Mary Jemison, by Lois Len ski, and how or will it relate to them. Teachers will participate but not necessarily direct the discussion - this is a student-centered activity. (Goal #2 - Preparation, Goal #7 - Collaboration). In cooperative pairs, the students will do a "character analysis" on the character Mary Jemison following a printed format. Teachers will review similes - like, as - metaphors and alliteration.

(Goal #7 Collaboration). Students will also be responsible for writing their own character analysis, following the same format as above. Thought and creativity will be encouraged and assessed. (Goal #6). Both finished character analyses must be typed. Various print colors, borders, and type are preferred for assessment.

(Goal #6). The character analysis poems must be mounted on 11" X 14" construction paper surrounded by an appropriate collage that relates with the content of the poems. (Goal #6). Finished products will be presented to the class. Questions, answers, and appropriate comments are encouraged. (Goal #6) Evaluation: All students will be evaluated by teacher pair based upon completion of project components, quality of work, oral and visual presentation of material, participation in discussion and cooperation with cooperative pair, large group, and teachers.

(Goals #2, #6, and #7).