When I was growing up, I never understood how influential advertising company could be. It wasn't until I left the military that I realized that my best of friends and I were influenced by the Bud Light advertising world. Bud light played its way into my life from high school and through out my Naval career. If you ever wondered if advertising actually works, then your reading the write essay. My friends and I was the victim of the advertising company of Bud Light. I will give you living proof that the Bud Light ads and commercials actually work.

When I finished my four year tour in the Navy, I ended up living with my brother to help him out financially. My brother and I have always shared the same passion for things growing up. During the time of my absent away from home, I became a big time Bud Light drinker. So one thing me and my brother never really did together was drink. Well I had a favorite beer where my brother didn't. So I personal tried to get my brother on to Bud Light.

I struggled to get him to understand why I thought Bud Light was such a great beer. He couldn't understand why I liked such a grotesque beer. He thought it was just dreadful. He just refused to have anything to do with the beer.

He eventually ended up questioning me about my motives of even likening the beer. This are the same motives that caused me to come back to my past and try to get a take on why I did like the beer so much. He had me taste test and compare other beers. One beer that we compared that I love now is New Castle. After trying that beer, I have to say it put Bud Light to shame. I mean I just couldn't believe how better the taste was.

So now the question is and the question I'm still trying to figure out is, "Why were my friends and I so stubborn about only drinking Bud Light." The base that I was stationed on had quite a bit of advertisements for all sorts of products. Like movies, alcohol, and some food products. One place my friends and I would drink at was the local bar on base. Drinking on base was a whole lot cheaper then drinking out in town in Sa sebo. Nobody agreed to pay over 5 dollars a beer out in town when you could buy a six pack on base for two and a half dollars.

In the lounge on base, a beer was a buck in a half. Music was fortunate for us because we loved all music. But that bad part of that was every night was a drinking night. I always noticed allot of advertising on the walls in the lounge, but never really gave it any thought to recently. The bar on base was sporty looking. It had pitchers, posters, flyers, and all kinds of ads that dealt with sports.

There were quite a bit of posters of beers companies and some liquor ads as well. Bud Light and Coors Light were the more dominating ads around the bar. They had the flags of ever football team around the bar, and between every flag there was either a Bud Light flag, or a Coors light flag. There where also countless Bud Light posters on the wall. Baseball players were holding up beer bottles drinking away, race car drivers with beautiful girls drinking together and things of this nature.

This was the surrounding of our environment that we drank at almost every night. The thing was that it never downed on me that this could have been one reason why my friends and I drank so much Bud Light. All we saw around us was Bud Light ads. Being drunk and thoughtless can lead to just plan reaction.

So when we were asked what we wanted to drink by a bartender or waitress, the words Bud Light came out of our mouths. If Bud Light is all you see around you, then why couldn't Bud Light be what first comes out your mouth? I mean if you are in a bar environment, and somebody comes up to you and asks what you want, you just usually say what first comes to mind or you say something that is regular to you. Well it wasn't regular to us to be 18 and have a bartender ask us what we wanted. A few drinks and a great time could result in thoughtless answers when questions were asked. I truly think the surrounding of our drinking environment was the reason why we started to drink Bud Light in the first place.

But Bud Light drinking didn't get so bad until our friendships grew stronger over time. Eventually it became "our beer." Our friendship grew as well as our love for the beer. It was the way we thought our friendship came together. One of our common grounds that we shared was Bud Light. I mean we didn't even have to ask anybody what they wanted. Anybody that went to the bar knew to bring a whole lot of bud light back.

I think the company did an exceptional job of understanding that we were all Americans living in Japan and making sure we would get exposed to them first and very often as well. Our lives would take a turn from high school, friends and home, to different and new everything. We were new to Japan; we were treated as adults, and everyone we knew, we just meet. Our lives would start over as soon as we left home.

While we established new lives, the company played pitcher games with our intoxication to make sure we had them on our minds with our noticing. When you " re with five other people whom you know very little about and somebody comes up to you and ask what you " re having, Bud Light was the first answer that would come out of our mouths. It was Bud Light we ended up saying, and it was Bud Light that was all over the walls. Of course we didn't always drink Bud Light.

And we did find allot of things to do. But another thing my friends and I had in common was football. Football was what our good old drunk talk was about. Now to understand what this had to do with our Bud light drinking was difficult to come to a conclusion about. But if you can recall the "Bud games" then you can understand this. All of us had a fascination with football, and all of us remember those games.

These bud games were football games where Bud Light would take on Budweiser. They would show at half time of certain football games. If you watch a lot of football then you had seen the games. Another commercial that I like to point out that is a little off the subject was the frog commercials.

The good old frogs giving there famous "Bud weis er" line almost every day it seemed. Anyways, even though I never drank beer at that age, I already had liked the Budweiser Company because of those commercials and ads of these two markets. So I think now that maybe I was already set up for being a hard core Bud drinker as a young adult? Maybe this isn't true, but my friends and I all have been exposed to the company of Budweiser allot in our lives. I think we were all exposed to these commercials at a young age and as we grew, advertising grew with us. I guess you can say it was like we were getting set up to be Bud drinkers.

I still drink bud light to this day. I could never abandon something that I shared with my closest friends for four years. I think of it now as my cheap bear to buy now. If I have little money to buy for beer, I go with Bud Light.

But I do have to say my friends and I were victims of the advertising world. We were influenced in my opinion by the bud light company with commercials and posters mostly. They did this by attacking us at a younger age with football commercials. Then they went at us with our new developing lives in Japan.

I don't believe the Bud Light Company new that football and the military would have any thing in common. But they did know there were markets in both those areas. We just happened to be victims of both of them.