How would you like the thought of ordering your bride? There's a service that is called Mail order a Bride. You can become a pen pal with a foreign women and years later you " ll marry her. This service has a huge impact on U. S. immigration, there are about 100, 000 to 150, 000 women advertise themselves through services like these. Studies estimated that 5, 000 Filipinos come to America every year through this service, just as much come from Russia The reasons why foreign women want an American husband is because their perspective of them, they think that American mean are better husbands because Filipino men are demanding.

Also in the Philippines you are allowed to beat your wives, and in America it's illegal. Plus they want to become a U. S. citizen, over here they can get paid more for a job or let the husband take care of that.

American men want a foreign women because simply because maybe they are lonely. And some say that foreign women are just more respectful to them, and depend on them more than American women. American women can go out and have a job and make more money than the man, foreign women are just satisfied with being a "homemaker" more money than the man, foreign women are just satisfied with being a "homemaker." Shopping for a bride is easy web sites introduce itself to the male viewers with a guarantee of it's service. You scan through millions of photos with descriptions and four sentence biographies. You can even be picky you can pick which part of the Philippines you want your wife to be from. Once you selected your bride and you may see her through the agency or you can even go without the aid of the agency.

The men have to pay to write back and forth to the women. And average you usually exchange letters from one to three years. The letters usually include biographical data, such as age, place of birth and a family overview. Becoming a pen-pal is common for Filipinos, they are usually really young like under the age of 25. Sometimes they don't even have the intention of marrying but then a little fancy becomes a dream come true. Others are serious about leaving the country and marrying, while others chosen by men who visit the country to find a bride.

Marrying a pen-pal is common throughout the Philippines, from small villages to the big cities Women publish their name in international papers or their friends or family will send information to catalogues, they advertise about the woman's attractiveness and willingness. The women don't have to pay anything to advertise themselves. Although to some of these women it may be a dream come true to marry an American man, sometimes it doesn't always work out the way they dreamed of. Abuse is a problem that occurs popularly in this service based on the men's desire for a submissive wife and the women desire for a better life. Through e-mail you can disguise yourself to be someone else, and put toward a totally different personality. Most of the men know that they have big fantasies of the men, the women will not demand equal treatment.

Now there's a law coming where you have to have a background check before you can participate in the mail order a bride service, because there have been situations before where some man meet a woman on the internet and he had abuse charges against him and the sad thing is she ended up dead.