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RESUME Name: Sabina S. Villa-Abril le Date of Birth: May 27 th, 1975 Address: 1603 Renaissance 2000, Mer alco Ave. , Ortigas Pasi g Telephone: Home # - 6379020 (Tele-fax) Mobile # - 0916 315 3979 E-Mail: EMPLOYMENT HISTORY December 1999 - September 2001 AAPT PTY LTD CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE I commenced employment at AAPT (Australia Associated Press Telecommunications), one of the largest telecommunication firms' in Sydney- I worked with the company from December 1999 to August 2001. My Role was that of a Customer Care Representative, handling both inbound and outbound calls, organizing connections, disconnections of our customers phone lines, introducing new and improved products to the customers, rectifying any line faults via the main carrier Telecom, as well as signing up new customers. I was then promoted to handling the legal aspects of the company, which included review of contracts, verification and amendments to current applications among others. April 1998 - October 1999 TARP AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE When I moved to Sydney, I commenced work at Tarp Australasia, which out-sourced Manchester Unity, a Health Insurance Company.

My Duties included both inbound and outbound calls, handling all queries in relation to our Health Insurance products as well as giving advise to our clients as to what the most suitable Health Plan would be for them. Also Obtained Certificates for "Handling Difficult Customers", "Financial Products" as well as "Telesales" whilst employed by the company. I also conducted surveys over the phone, enhancing public awareness of our Products and products of other Companies who employed us to do so, obtaining relevant feedback, which I reported back to The Manager. I worked with the company on a contract basis for 6 months Febuary 1998 - April 1998 COMPACT CAR RENTALS OFFICE MANAGER My First Employment in Australia was with a Car Rental Company called "Compact Car Rentals", in a suburb called Wollongong, South of Sydney. I worked with this Organization for 6 months, handling Reception cum Secretarial duties, Customer Service Banking (done on MS Windows) as well as the MYOB Accounts of the Company. I thus gained the experience as well as the confidence to work in Australia, and moved on for better and brighter prospects.

June 1996 - October 1997 HAZARI REALTORS REAL ESTATE CONSULTANT After I Completed my Education, I Commenced Employment at "Hazari Realtors", an extremely well - reputed Real Estate firm in Bombay. My Overall Duties we linked with the showing of properties, both Residential and Commercial, to clients from Multi-National Companies, Foreign Banks and Consulates, hence I specialized in Client Servicing, which included showing of existing properties and locations and inspection of new premises available for lease and / or sale. I also contacted the clients over the telephone for feedback and attended meetings in which buying and selling / leasing transactions were implemented. A vast amount of responsibility was required for this role, as the status of our clients was of extreme professionalism. I worked with the Company for a year, and had to depart as I migrated to Australia December 1994 - December 1995 KAARAAS DESIGNS DESIGNER I was employed with a Fashion Boutique called "Kaaraas Designs", where my main duties were designing of Indian Bridal Wear and other Indian Garments, as well as handling the overall Merchandising for the store. March 1993 - July 1993 ALIA PERSONAL ASSISTANT I was then employed at a Design Studio called "Alia", as Personal Assistant to the Manager, Bombay, India.

The Company Specialized in the Designing of Brochures and Business cards for Companies, Hotels and Restaurants. My duties were to assist in the Designing as well as the Public Relations of the Company. April 1991 - February 1992 MARCOPIA TRAVELS POSITION: TRAVEL CONSULTANT I Worked, part time, a Travel Agency called "Marcopia Travels", in Bombay, India, whilst I was studying in college. My Duties included handling of Sales and Ticketing at the International Counter. I would also accompany the Sales Manager on her weekly Sales-Calls, assisting with the Public Relations of the agency. Our clients were mainly Multi-National Companies, such as Daewoo Shipping, British High Commission, Bombay.

EDUCATION 1996 - Appeared for T. Y. B. COM (Final Year Bachelors in Commerce) Examination: 2 nd Year Senior College, H. R.

College, Bombay, 1995 - Appeared for S. Y. B. COM (Second Year Bachelors in Commerce) Examination: 2 nd Year Senior College, H. R. College, Bombay, and Obtained Certificate 1994 - Appeared for F.

Y. B. COM (First Year Bachelors in Commerce) Examination: 1 st Year Senior College, H. R. College, Bombay, and Obtained Certificate 1993 - Appeared for H. S.

C (Higher Secondary Certificate) Examination - Year 12, H. R. College of Commerce & Economics, Bombay, India, and Obtained certificate 1991 - Appeared for I. C.

S. E (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) Examination - Year 10, Cathedral & John Connon School, Bombay, India, and Obtained certificate I did not appear for my final year, but I have a copy of all my transcripts of what I have achieved so far. OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS 1999 - Obtained Certificate on Completion of a "Telesales" Course, Tarp Australasia, Sydney, Australia 1999 - Obtained Certificate of Accreditation in "Financial Products" for Blue Chip Assurance Certificates and Funeral Bonds, Manchester Unity, Sydney, Australia 1999 - Obtained Certificate on Completion of Training Course for "Handling Difficult Customers", Company name - Tarp Australasia, a division of Direx Corporation Pty Ltd 1995 - Obtained Certificate on Completion of a Mexican, Continental, Italian & Chinese Cooking Course, conducted by Nila Galati (Food Stylist & Cookery Expert), Bombay, India 1993 - Obtained a Certificate of Merit on Completion of a Training Course in General Travel Knowledge, International Fares and Ticketing, held at the IATA-U FTAA Authorized Training Center, conducted by Go uri Dixit, Bombay, India 1985 - 1988 - Obtained French Prize, Cathedral & John Connon School, Bombay, India Hobbies and Interests Fashion Music Reading Cooking Squash Art Travel & Culture Languages Fluency in English & Hindi Intermediate in French Currently learning Spanish Character References Hazari Realtors - Mrs. Anjali Hazari, Owner - Tel.

9122 261 5286 Kaaraas Designs - Mrs. Kung Vaswani, Owner - Tel. 9122 362 4103 Compact Car Rentals - Mr. Antonio Galaxidis, Manager - Tel.

42 297090 Direx Corporation - Miss Michelle Tennis, Supervisor - Tel. 1300 366 632 AAPT - Miss Elisa C irene, Team Leader - Mobile # 0414 882 972.

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