Steve Jobs, co-founder and current CEO of Apple Computer, once said, ? Expose yourself to the best things humans have done and then try to bring those things into what you are doing. ? This philosophy makes the world a better place and compels us to strive for excellence in whatever profession in which we may work. My dad? s 1987 Macintosh SE was the first computer that I ever used. Since then, I have used Macs almost exclusively and have a great interest in them. When I was younger I would convince my parents to take me to Barnes & Noble to buy books about the history of Apple Computer and the people who brought the company to life. The co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, struck me as a man of true innovation.

Steve Jobs? s creative thought process has made a particularly strong and lasting impression on me. He has the ability to assess situations to find better, alternative solutions to problems. He also assesses existing technology to determine ways to simplify it for the use of an average person. This ability is manifested in the creation of the easy-to-use Macintosh. The example of Steve Jobs has influenced both my academic and personal life.

I always execute my projects and homework assignments carefully, and include, above and beyond the required elements, details such as charts and illustrations. Steve Jobs is a man who has changed the face of technology and entertainment for the twenty-first century. His positive aspects have obliged me to alter the way the way I think for the better. He is truly a guiding light in this world of unforeseen darkness..