The Updated Family Tradition Rules Legend -- - Male = Any male in the family who was first born in his generation. -- - Female = The female the male or other family member has found who agrees to eat the male. -- - In Person = Anyone that is not known online. -- - Online = Anyone who is only known online. -- - Eating or Eat = In this tradition when its said the female eats the male it only means as in consume all his meat that is edible as in like any other animal who has edible or un edible parts. Also means the male can not be voluntarily vomited.

Vomiting is only allowed if it happens without the females choice. -- - Blue Words = Means a word the female can decide what the definition of it is. General Overal Rules The Male must be made to respect the Female who is Eating him. The Female must go over these rules with the Male as often as she can at least once a day. The Male must do all rules starting after they are all discussed and explained to him if needed.

All rules or chores must be done each day first thing before the Male can do any fun things like tv or music ece tra. Except the ones that require him to have interaction with the female when doing them. i. e. "What did you eat today." ? Relationships Shorter Relationships In Person and Online allowed only if it never becomes a Friendship. Longe term Relationships, Love, amd Sex Are totally at the Females discretion only.

Girlfriends and Sex are at Females discretion. The Male cannot be forced to have Sex or a Love Relationship. Female is allowed to have a Longterm Relationship with the Male only if it does not interfere with her Eating him in the end. Female is allowed to request that their relationship only ever be Proffesional meaning that when Male is talking to her, Male can only discuss or talk about matters relating to Male being food and meat as in the tradition.

No Illegal Drugs Ever No Vacations or Activities more than one hours travel time away from where the Male is currently residing or living. Male must keep his Meat or Body Clean on a daily basis. Once Male is with the Female who is Eating him no leaving their place or site till they Eat the Male Male must learn and be on the rules for a minimum of 6 months time prior to the Female picking him up and taking him to where she wishes to take him till she eats him. Time Male is allowed to be with the Female who is Eating him once the Female has picked the Male up is up to the Female. No more than 6 months can be given the Male once he is picked up by the Female. The Female must make sure the Male knows what she eats each day.

The Female must make the Male ask each day about her bowel and pee movem nets. The Female must make sure the Male realizes being the Females shit and poop is all the Male is ever allowed to end up in life. The Female must always make sure the Male keeps in touch with her as much as possible. The Female must lecture the Male and use guilt trips and punishments when ever a rule is broken by the Male. The Fea mle must make sure the Male can tell her that he understands that he is to be her food no matter what that he has no choice. That you will Eat him even if you have to force him.

Optional Rules No Dangerous Activities that can Damage the quality or grade of the Males meat. The Female who is Eating the Male gets to choose how they Eat him. The family only asks that the Female try to Eat all the edible parts of the Male the same as one does with a cow or pig. Organs and all other parts optional. The Female is allowed to tell the Male he must fatten up or get leaner or that it doesn't matter. Teachings Teachings we ask you to as the best of your ability to teach the Male.

Please teach the Male and make sure he always understand the humilation and what it means to be food. How the Male is just as much food as all other anm ilas or livestock that people use for food on a regular basis. i. e. you can tell him that when it comes to any living thing that its been decided before its born that it will serve as food one day then that is what makes the living thing or the Male only forever livestock till eaten and is justified as morally acceptable if its decided before birth. ie Any babies a cow has are obviously going to end up one day as food so by default cows don't need any human being to classify each time before birth that they will serve as food.

For humans though if before birth the parents or caretakers decide that the human will serve as food and livestock then its morally ok to only ever let that human be food for another human. This all being that is why that normal humans who were not designated to be food or livestock before birth are not morally ok to Eat by any other human and is murder. Please teach the Male that it is his moral obligation and purpose in life cause he was born to be livestock and cause the curse calls for the sacrifice. Please teach the Male that you are doing nothing wrong really or abnormal when your Eating him because he wasn't born to live as a normal human, he was born allready designated to be livestock and food. Please teach the Male if you can how to do write meditation statements about the Male's job as food. Please have the Male say the meditations when the Male wakes, several times during the day and when the Male goes to bed.

We ask that you to the best of your ability and time restraints make up mental lessons for the Male to do each day so the Male is mentally prepared for what it means to be food. For example just give the Male homework assignments each day if you can on something where the Male will have to think about stuff involving the Male being only food. You are allowed to offer painkillers to the Male if he is beng Eaten alive or cooked alive Please teach the Male that you are stronger than the Male is Survival of the fittest. Please teach Male as much about yourself and your body as you feels comfortable telling him since the Male will become part of her body. Please we ask that if you as the Female chosen know any spells or magic that you use the spells as a teaching aide. For example a spell allowing you to temproarily shrink the male to like one inch tall and make him have to experience the digestive system of your body.

Like by swallowing him alive and using hte magic to like give him invulnerability against any part of the digestive system hurting him. Then like making part of the spell where instead of the acids he feels a sting like one gets with a sun burn all over their body Just that none of the spells hurt him so that like once he was done going through your digestive system you could help him out of the toilet bowel after you eject him with your shit and restore his body to his normal hight and stuff. Spells or enchantments to basically the same as if you wanted to scare someone you hated or torture them but you didn't want them to be permently hurt in any way. You just in this example use them to teach him humilation involved with being food, being digested, being seen as food by other people, being touched as food. The family understands their are limit is to magic so if you know any magic you can discuss it with the Male what ways to help him learn.