In my life, there are so many people who try to figure out who I really am. There is one person who knows who I really am and that is my bes friend Lat angela. She knows when I am up ad when I am down. She seems to be intouch with my inner thoughts and emotions.

She really understands me, even though she does not always agee with me. She perceives me as who I really am because she listens to my needs an views; she is patient and very compassionate. My best friend perce is me as who I really am because she always listen to my needs ad views. For instance, when I thought that she was wrong about a situation, she ook time out to listen at how I felt about it. Then she compromised her decision.

The biggest part of that ws not compromising her decision, but taking the time to consider my views equally important. On another occasion, a controversy took place between an associate and me. The associate listened to some gossip that I supposedly started. She id not want to hear anything that I had to say. My best friend took the time to listen to both sides. It was proven that I had done no wrong.

My friend pulled the associate aside and straightened everything out. The associate apologized, but if it had not been for my best friend listening to my views, it could have been a disaster. My best friend perceives me as who I really am because she is patient. For example, when we are going somewhere andI a late, she never pouts about it, she just says "be there a little earlier next time." Also, she is vey patient when it comes down to our friendship. When we don't talk for weeks at a time, she understands because we are both busy people. She shows no sign of jealousy or impatience.

When I am in the company of people that are not in her circle of friends, she understands that I have the right to choose the company that I keep. My best friend perceives me as who I really am because she is compassionate. When I was sick she called me everyday to see how I was doing. I would tell her that she did not have to call if she did not have time, but she made it clear that if the tables were turned, she would want someone to do the same. Also, when I thought that my aunt was not going to make it, she was there for me to cry on every night and day. At all cost, she always makes a point of putting herself in my shoes.

My best friend is a God sent gift to me. She listens to my needs and views; she is patient and very compassionate. She possesses all the qualities of a true friend. My best friend is the only one who perceives me as who I really am..