Shy, timid, self-contained as I used to be, I never expected that one day, facing 348 students from 80 different counties, on the stage of! ^0 Global Young Leaders Conference! +/-, I can confidently manage an impromptu speech as long as 7 or 8 minutes. I understand I should thank my school SFL S for providing me an ideal environment of English learning in which I have gained ability to fluently communicate with native speakers. I should thank my parents for leading me the way to form a habit of analyzing situations on my own so that I always possess a unique perspective on various issues. The last but surly not the least, I should thank myself for sensitively realizing what I am lack of and how I can smooth over it. Mentioned factors aside, one incident is the fire-lighter of the dramatic changes in my personal character: That day was gloomy, and I was in a dejected mood as well, since my was returned by carried in a publication of, which is one of the most influential newspapers in China. The editor asked me to visit! s headquarter to pick up my payment and provide some advice for them, thus I had an opportunity to experience the working atmosphere in the largest media center of Shanghai.

I was 10 minutes in advance of my appointment. As soon as I arrived at the site, I found it was a 55-story-high building shared by 5 newspapers and 3 periodicals. When I knocked into the editor! s office, he was a little surprised, ! ^0 Still plenty of time earlier, is it? ! +/-! ^0 Yes, ! +/- at the same time I talked to myself, ! ^0 Not too much. ! +/-! ^0 I hope it doesn! t bother. ! +/-! ^0 It! s O.

K. ! ! +/- Then we formally began our conversation, but somehow it sounded like an interview. Editor: As a campus person yourself, do you think is popular with students? Answers: We are obliged to subscribe, but only a few do read it. Editor: (to some extent, shocked by my direct way) Can you tell the reason? Answers: Normally, people have different interests, so they read diversely. Editor: But you know Editor: I! ve read through your resume and several literary works. And I noticed that you! re quite professional at writing, so how long have you been practicing?.