The definition of a woman is the female of the human race: the female sex or an adult female. The definition of a Black woman is one who is willing, dependent, and a survivor. Today women are known as sophisticated because they were created after man. Black woman are considered with higher power because of all the struggling and hardships that they have suffered throughout the first day of slavery until now. From years in the past, the issues of a black woman were not so important. They were only known as workers and care providers.

For someone to make it through those times they would have to be a survivor. Black woman put up with negativity from name-calling, rape, and much more disrespect. Many tears were shed when these things accrued. But when you look at some of the grandparents today and you see them with a smile upon there faces, you ask yourself how can she smile with all the things that she has been through? The answer is because every black woman is a survivor. Always striving to make things better.

Black woman also has to deal with the feeling of being disrespected by black and white men. This has been going on since 1810. A South African woman by the name of Saartje Baar tman was taken to France and England used in an event to show off her large breasts and bottom. Some black males treat the black woman like there nothing. Just like the whites did back in there time. They should be treated with respect like a human being.

Out of all the wrong doings that our women have been through, their head is still not bowed. They are breathing, healthy, and beautiful. That's all they need to be a phenomenal woman.