Both development of technological tools and the uses to which humanity has put them have changed modern civilization in many forms. A lot of study deals with the increasing loneliness of humans who interact with the new tools that technology development provide. However, I believe that development of technology with regulated usage reduce loneliness and improve social relationships with other humans. Today, latest developments of technology surround the internet and peer to peer communication. Internet technology uses improve our social relationships with peers and it expands long terms friendships. Communication with relatives and friends living far away is becoming easier with technology.

In addition, people can make new friends in places to which they have never traveled. Furthermore, development in technology main goals is making everyday life easier and more convenient. It eases arrangements with bureaucracy and reduces the burden of tasks such as going to the bank and waiting in lines for cinemas. Most businesses nowadays are providing new facilities and deploying latest development of technology for customer convenience and satisfaction. For example, airplane ticket can be acquired and adjusted to customer need in a very easy action through the internet saving the customer precious time if he acquired it at an agency. However, civilization must apply lessons from older technologies, chiefly television, and concentrate on its most efficient and healthy usage.

Healthy usage of technology can increase human contacts and activities. Rules and family regulation are crucial to a healthy relationship to technology. In Addition, Addiction to technology is malignant; it can create depression and loneliness if it is cut off abruptly if one's whole life and social relationships are only through technology. Recently, many reading clubs has emerged in many regions to deal with television addiction, which created depression and loneliness and bad temper among people that misused the technology, to increase interaction with humans. While there are arguments to be made for both sides, it is clear from what I discussed above that technology development is beneficial for modern civilizations. However, modern civilizations must pursue regulated usage of technology to reduce loneliness and increase social relationships among their members..