The Children of Today and Education Education, today, is not only not used to it's full potential but also taken for granted. Due to a decline in the pressure put upon children and teenagers to do well in school, this caused a decline in the output of effort from these children. Without such effort, kids go to school not caring about how they do and what type of grades the make. Without such caring, their futures become uncertain and most certainly harder for them to make it in the "real world." Another harsh fact that must be recognized is that some children in other countries aren't even provided with an education. The youth of today do not seem to realize this and how important education essentially is. In the minds of children today, especially teenagers, there is a concept, which to me doesn't make that much sense.

A good portion of the counties adolescents seem to think that by getting good grades and studying, there is not enough time to still have fun and relax. Homework, if done when assigned, should take a normal high school student between one and one and a half hours maximum. If this is completed right when he or she arrives home, there is plenty of time for the rest of the night to be doing things more enjoyable. Also, the school week is, in essence, is a time where schoolwork and homework are done. Relaxation and enjoyable activities should be saved for the time that they are intended; the weekend.

By not completing homework, failing to do well on tests and quizzes, and having a poor attitude about school can only harm you in the long run. The way you do in school now, will reflect on the way you do in life later. I do not think that most teenagers realize this. By doing well in school at and early age, you adopt good habits that will enable you to do well in continuing years, guaranteeing you an advantage over the obstacles that life will throw at you. Above all, the most important fact that almost all kids don't fully comprehend is how privileged they really are to be able to receive education in America. In third-world countries, children have to work to stay alive, find their own food on the streets, and live on their own at extremely young ages.

Here, education is totally out of the question. In America, the adolescents seem to think of education as a chore that no one wants to do. They dread the mornings and having to get up and learn. When they get to school, they just sit with a blank face, watching the clock and waiting for school to be over. Kids and even adults that are not a fortunate as Americans would kill to be able to live the life we do. With all this pressure from society to go to school, it is almost impossible for one to succeed in life without furthering their knowledge and getting a high school diploma.

Do people really realize what type of life they will live by not going to school. And if they do, I hope that they are comfortable saying, "Would you like fries with that?" for a long time. All these statistics combined show that something must be done to make the children more enthusiastic about learning and coming to school. New programs should be instituted that will be more active for the kids that need to encounter a more hands-on environment that will enable them to learn faster and easier. For those kids that don't improve and still do not care about their grades and how they do in school, it brings up a good question: Should there still be such a thing as education in America offered to all children or do some no deserve and education at all?