Understand ^aEUR~morbidly emotional, : Sentimental, excessive, self-indulgent, melancholic, pessimistic^aEUR|, even suggests a focus on death? ? () Areas in which the statement is true: Consider Rossetti, s METHODS, ie. the situations, tone & language used by the persona, the persona, s attitudes, areas of concern etc. AND support specific pts. by referring to relevant poems. ^A. Situations / themes often concern: death, separation, thwarted love, personal suffering & inner conflict, disillusionment.

() ^A. Personas are often experiencing emotional pain, insecurity, fears of rejection. ^A. Persona often perceives herself as either a victim of others or of her circumstances; is vulnerable to pain and sensitive ^A. The classic response is one of helplessness, despair, frustration, questioning but also suffering in silence. Personas passive and restricted.

The conflicts are internalized and personas come across as inward looking and lacking in objectivity. Display a tendency to self-indulge. ^A. Poems present dilemmas but are lacking in concrete resolutions or direction.

Death is viewed in many instances as a means of escape of the pain of living and of loving. Another alternative is to withdraw from society and in the process to deny one, s emotions / desires ^aEUR" almost like a living death. Hope seems to come only in the form of the afterlife / one , s reward for present worldly suffering can only be claimed in Heaven. However, this is only one side of the argument: We need to consider if there is a balance in Rossetti, s work ^aEUR" ^A.

There are attempts to impose a sense of rationality and control into the seemingly emotional situations experienced by the persona. ^A. There are moments of restraint and sensibility and in some instances, the refusal of the persona to be emotionally engaged or overwhelmed by relationships. ^A. The tone adopted also often suggests indifference or nonchalance although the subject in question may be a potentially painful or sensitive one. ^A.

There are also pieces which illustrate the strength of the female persona ^aEUR" she is one who is able to harness her resources into concrete action, has the courage to face up to her reality / own limitations and hence her problems / outside forces.