In a big city like Los Angeles, its very hard not have crimes, WE can find crimes in both upper and lower class cities. WE tend to hear more about the one's in the lower class area's, eventhough it looks like an entire neighbourhood would be responsible for the way their block looks, statistic shows that only a few account for all the crimes committed in these areas, ofcourse these are crimes that are committed by the minorities, mostley people of color. Most of these people only live they way they do simply because they have no choice, they fall into a way of living that they can't get out of, while this country offers equal oppurtunity especially in getting an education, these people might not have been thought what to do and where to go and how to get things done the right way. Most of time we deal with people that were just not thought what's right and what's wrong as a child, which could account for a lot of crimes. The way we are nurtured has a lot to do with the way we grow up, the choices we make in life and basicly the outcome of our lif's. We can also find crimes in the upper communities, they are known as white-color crimes, they are not crimes committed directly against someone, but are still harmful none the less.

These crimes are mostley committed by people with high positions like the president of a company, and it usually evolves money. At the end of it all it is still as bad as any other crimes, somebody always get hurt and it is usually the lower class people simply because when these so called white-color crimes are committed, lots of money are stolen leaving the lower class wiht out small investment. I think we need to start looking a both crimes equally, while one by be worst than the other, they both lead to the same thing.