Section B - Application Of Psychology In The Real World Drink driving is a major problem around the world. The government has produced many posters, TV and radio adverts to increase knowledge of the problem. The campaign is powerful and with coloured illustrations on the posters makes people realise that the crime is a serious crime and if going to jail is a resort to preventing it then that is the form the government will take. The poster has two slogans.

The first is "only GOING DOWN the road." It illustrates the man convicted for drink driving going to prison and the slogan is his excuse for his crime. He was only going down the road so that was meant to justify his actions. The "GOING DOWN" part has two meanings, firstly it means that if you drink drive and get caught you will go to prison and the second is that no matter how far you drive it is still wrong to drink drive. The second slogan is "WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO STOP YOU DRINK DRIVING? 6 MONTHS IN PRISON" this slogan is to the point, it illustrates that frustration with drink drivers has resulted in having to imprison people to make them realise the danger that is associated.

In the background a looker-on has their hand over their mouth, as if in shock to the sentencing. Therefore the poster has done two things, showing that drink driving will not be tolerated in that you will be sent to jail but also that people are still surprised that you can be sent to jail for drink driving and this the crime is worse than some people think it is. The method of using an illustrated poster along with hard-hitting slogans works very well in making one think about is trying to be made aware. If you drink drive you will go to jail, simple as that. Although it would be improved if at the bottom of the poster where it shows the consequences of drink driving is going to prison it should also show the other punishments that are available, being a lb 5, 000 fine and being banned from driving. Also it could also show a picture for example that has been used as evidence of a victim or the drink drivers car to show the physical consequences of drink driving.

The poster is very successful in changing peoples attitudes and attempting to change their behaviour as a result. Drink driving is a major problem that still occurs daily and resorting to posters and advertisments to prevent it can only do good. People who against drink driving or know of someone effected by it will embrace the advertising and want it to continue. Drink driving is going to continue until people are fully aware of the the punishment and the results of such actions.

As long as the posters keep being shown to the public and the TV and radio continue to advertise the problem will surely cease. By showing the results on victims of a drink driver and increasing the fines, length of bans and prison sentences will also have a joined affect in "WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO STOP YOU DRINK DRIVING.".