FLOOR EVACUATION OFFICERS Each floor within the Town Hall will have a Floor Evacuation Officer whose responsibility it will be to ensure that all members of staff and members of the public are evacuated from the Town Hall as quickly as possible during an emergency. Floor Evacuation Officers should ensure that all staff are familiar with emergency procedures at the Town Hall. 1. When the alarm is sounded the Floor Evacuation Officer is to ensure that all members of staff and public leave the floor in an orderly fashion. 2. If the fire occurs in his / her area, then immediately following the sounding of the alarm, the Floor Evacuation Officer should inform the Fire Control Point (Ext.

3082) of the location and severity of the outbreak and if any persons are engaged in first-aid fire fighting, he / she should then supervise the evacuation of all personnel from the area. (N. B. the alarm is sounded by breaking the glass at the fire alarm point or by the activation of the smoke detectors. 3.

When the Floor Evacuation Officers have ensured the floor is evacuated, they should report to the Fire Officer in the foyer and ensure that their floor tally is checked in at the Fire Control Point in the foyer. The Floor Evacuation Officers must not leave the building until this has been done, and should state name and floor for which he / she is responsible. 4. It should be clearly understood by all Floor Evacuation Officers that any outbreak of fire will only be tackled by Fire Teams if there is absolutely no danger to life. 5. The senior canteen person will assume the duty of Canteen Evacuation Officer.

On hearing the alarm the Canteen Evacuation Officer should ensure that all staff and visitors evacuate the building. All cooking equipment is to be turned off and in addition deep fryers should be covered. NO person will be allowed to enter or re-enter the building until told to do so by the FIRE OFFICER.