Fredirch Engels was born in the year 1820 in rhenish Prussia what is now known as Russia. He was born to a pretty well to d family in what would be considered the upper class. There he went to school and took an interest in philosophy. He was planning on becoming a lawyer. But he quit one year before graduation to join his father in the start of his new business.

This was 1837 from there he got a white collar job much like that of Chris fairly in Tommy boy if he was competent. He of course toured the factory many times and even the surrounding area an amazing feat since he lived there. While touring the streets he noticed that life kind of sucked for the working-class. It was here that he started the writing of his numerous papers articles and literature. While doing this he was thinking "hey what if the working class like rose up and fought for there rights but how, I know socialism!" but he knew the only way they could get socialism to even be considered would be with political power and they had none. Since quote "class struggle will only end when you destroy class and the idea of private property.

So in his mind social relations where based upon private property ie rich people are friends with rich people and poor people with poor people. And what this almost always meant and usually still does today is that the rich will get richer and the poor get poorer. But he knew that if you full out communism (which didn't really have a name then) what would probably happen is every one gets poor and that's not cool. So around this time it was 1842. He moved to Manchester England. This is when he started drafting his actual books and was pondering how to make socialism work.

In 1845 he finally wrote the condition of the working-class in it he said quote "the political movement of the working class will inevitably lead the workers (as he called them) to realize there only salvation lies in socialism! ! ! ! ! Ya! But (like I said earlier) they needed political freedom but the fat cats in what ever country they where in, where nt going to just let that happen o no. If you want socialism you gotta fight for socialism you know what im talking about a good old revolution. He then moved to Paris and met Marx at some communist thing. They started writing books together but no one read them. Now they joined a secret communist group in Germany called the "Brussels communist league." Here they where commissioned to write the framework of communism they called it a manifesto it was published in 1845 maybe you " ve herd of it.

When it came out a mini revolution happened. And because of it Marx and Engles where kicked out of Prussia. Engles went back to the factory job and Marx did something but it doesn't really matter what he did at this time. So in 1870 they started working on making a socialism that would actually work they pawned it scientific socialism. But hey both died first and since they where dead never really got around to it. The end.

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