When deciding to take someone out on a date, there isn't just one step; there are many things that must be done instead of just saying, "Let's go out." You have to follow certain steps in order to have a perfect date. The preparations that must be taken are very crucial: the right cloths, location, vehicle, flowers, money issues, talking to her parents, and most importantly finding out what she likes. These are all very important to find out about before tackling a date. When picking out the proper cloths, you have to be careful not to pick out something too casual, but at the same time anything that you are going to wear for a wedding. The best idea is jeans and a button-down, short sleeved, collared shirt.

This way you aren't overdressed for the date but at the same time you are comfortable enough to be yourself. The place you take your date really depends on both the personality of her as well as yourself. A good idea would be a sit-down restaurant with a clean, friendly environment that you know will have good service. The most important thing about picking out a place to eat is to make sure that the food that is being served is going to be something that she is able to eat. This is important because you don't want to have to stop at a local gas station so she can go to the restroom. Now that you know how to pick the right cloths and restaurant, you are ready to worry about the vehicle.

The vehicle is not a major step in the preparations of the date, but it could be very expensive if you go overboard with the type, style, or color of ride that you get. The best and most cost effective way of going about picking out your vehicle is ask your parents if they would be so very kind to let you borrow the vehicle for the night. This brings a new task that you must now do in order to get the vehicle ready for your date. There is nothing worse than arriving to her house and she notices that your vehicle, that used to be white, is black because of all the dirt. This would not leave a good impression for the girl when she comes home from the date and finds out her cloths need to be washed again.

The best way to solve this is clean your car. Flowers are really only an accessory, but from personal experience, it sure does help if you have flowers. Flowers have a very good smell, so at the least they will be a nice air freshener in your car, given that you give them to her in your car. If you feel that flowers are not necessary, or that they don't fit in the date, then use you head and decide if you really need them or not.

Money issues can be a problem in some cases. There is always a way to have fun date if you don't have that much money. Don't let money issues steer you away from someone that you really like. If you do not have access to any of the above items, then your best bet is to go to your friends for help. If you have really nice friends, then they will probably be very happy to help you out in your money problems.

After you have worked out all the situations that will arise in your date, then you have to ask her parents if they would be willing to have her go out on a date with you. If this process seems to scary, remember that you will be helping yourself in the long run because then her parents will already know that you are a gentleman and that they can trust you for the next time. The only way that they can trust you is if you show them or give them something that will make them rest easier when their daughter is out with a stranger. The hardest part of preparing for a date is making sure that she is going to like what she does and that you know that she really wants to be on the date with you and is not just going because she knows that there is nothing to loose. Make sure that she likes you as well because if she doesn't really like you, she is most likely going to be very quiet because, in most cases, she doesn't really know you. Once everything is all worked out, the only thing left to do is to go on the date.

If you be yourself, don't act immature and you show her a good time by letting your preparation plans flows, then you are almost guaranteed to have a successful date. Have fun on you next date and remember, be yourself.