Coach Herman Boone contributed a great deal in helping racial relations in Alexandria, Virginia. Without his help, racism might have still been present in Virginia, and also in the US. He indeed passed the message that racism should be stopped and if he could do this with a group of teenagers, so could everyone else. His achievement was surely remarkable enough to turn into a movie. In 1971, there were lots of racial tensions in the state of Virginia. Herman Boone was appointed the head coach of the T.

C. William high school's football team, where they recently joined the black and white students. Since there was racial tensions going on between the black and white players, Boone was faced with a difficult task. This was to get them to play as a team and overcome all the hatred. He proved to all the players that he was tough and in order for them to stay on the team and play football they were to obey what he said. He also told them that the only way to win was through teamwork.

He mixed black and white players together and forced them to learn about each other. He also paired them in the same room and made sure that they were progressing on their friendship. His work was remarkable in making the boys work together that they ended up winning the state championships. Herman Boone was faced with another problem when he was to be fired if he lost a game. This was difficult since many white parents wanted him off and Bill Yoast instead. Also the friendship between the players caused their old friends to treat them like traitors.

Boone's contribution and hard work paid off when the Titans went on a thirteen to zero record and saved Boone from becoming fired. Also with Bill Yoast's help they were able to keep their friendship together despite what their other friends would say. Football was an important sport in the state of Virginia. Since Boone led the titans to victory he was seen somewhat like a hero and erased the prejudice between the races. His accomplishment with Yoast helped their "small Virginian community put aside their intolerance and join together to support their children" (Keynote). Boone's influence on the players also affected their parents and made them also respect the other parents despite the race difference.

This showed once more how Boone and the sport of football brought together Alexandria and eventually Virginia and the US. Boone indeed helped Alexandria come together and overcome their racial differences. The better part was that he was associated with football and that everyone could understand that blacks and whites can get along. In my opinion he also proved that violence is not the way and that with understanding and dedication anything could be achieved. Without his contribution we might still be fighting about race and have a divided and less advance world. "Herman Boone Football Coach - Motivator." Keynote Speaker.

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