I think that homosexual couples should be able to get married and have the state recognize it. Why should only Vermont legalize this? Is this fair to the homosexual people of the United States? What makes a heterosexual couple different from a homosexual couple? Marriage is about showing how much love you have for another person and how committed you are to that person. So why shouldn't it be ok for two guys or two girls to show yes we are in love and we will be together forever? Think about this how much courage it takes for any gay couple to say I want to take the next step in our life together and have people know we are together for life. Why shouldn't they be able to do this? I was reading about the first gay marriage took place on October 1, 1989. These two guys had been together for forty years before they had gotten married, they are also still together.

So, I guess that's not good enough for people right? Have you ever heard of a couple before this being together for forty years before marriage? Even so why aren't they married? When a homosexual "comes out" it is very hard for that individual. Many thoughts that could come true go threw their head. Like they could be killed, beaten, disowned by their parents, loose friends, and if some of this builds the person could end up committing suicide. What is the difference between a same sex marriage and heterosexual marriage, besides the obvious? Homosexual couples can adopt children and if you ask some people they will tell you that the child most likely will not be gay and that the child has two great parents. I have not heard any good excuse why homosexual marriages aren't noticed by the state. I have never heard anything bad about homosexual couples that are married in Vermont.

So why can this be so bad? I admit and homosexual couples will admit that they do have problems in marriage just like heterosexual marriages. So why is it not ok for homosexual couples to have the rights like heterosexual couples? I truly think it is alright for gay marriages, they deserve the rights like everyone else. It is complete stupidity and hatred is why homosexual marriages aren't happening. This is like people with white skin hating people with black skin! SO WHY IS IT THIS WAY?