Paying close heel to social development, we can find easily that how children are socialized today determines the destiny of society. Admittedly, children are hope of nation in future, who will be pioneers in any field in future society. Therefore, how to raise children is paramount problem for us, which is connected with whether they can help bring about a better society. In fact, we have not yet learned a method which reach in consensus or may take leave to discovery. ! ^0 Youth is rich, nation is rich; youth is strong, nation is strong. ! +/- noted by Qi chao Liang, a leading ideologist and an advanced reformer of China! s society in dynasty of Qing.

In all ages, people, whether governors or common people never cease to pay attention how children are socialize because children will determine the destiny of society. Today! s children, in score years, will be tuned to the political leaders who govern and serve the society, soldiers who defend the safety of people and society, scientists who develop our society, economists who make our society is more richer. Therefore, how to raise children is ultimate problem. However, socialized situation is far complex in today than in past. On the one hand, some new thoughts and concepts discard traditional systems of moral, value, and ethic. Moreover, following the twist of individuation, people are more and more confused what to do and how to do correctly.

Family as a part of society is especially important to children. Nevertheless, the case is not optimistic to us and even worse, some ugly phenomena influencing the sound development of children. The divorced rate is increased yearly and the family violent events happen more frequently. Can you imagine a child who lives in a family of rare love, whose parents always quarrel from day to night, can have a well environment to grow and have a beautiful future? On the other hand, children have strong curiosities about any thing, but they have no abilities of discriminating right or wrong.

Nowadays, all sorts of media appear out one after the other, especially Internet, which result in many unhealthy and harmful information are popularly spread, such as violence, pornography, and so on. There can be no doubt that, these information and actions that come from outer society will influence the sound development of children. Nowadays, people have realized the importance on raising children. Following the children are socialized, some abnormal phenomena come into being. Many parents narrowly definite raising children, namely, overindulging children and over-emphasizing the IQ of children, especially, some children who have special talents. In order to develop their abilities in their proficient of fields, parents are blind to training these children.

Psychologists ever show us that the balance of mind, body, and spirit is key factor in the growth of a child. Moreover, how children are socialized during in early age will influence seriously future development of children. Being truly education is not only the high ability in certain facet, but also it includes excellent characters, the well sense of competition, and the strong ability of cooperation. Therefore, how to raise children must be considered from more comprehensive angle. In conclusion, the destiny of society will be largely determined by how children are socialized, thus we are responsible to detect a method on how to raise children who can bring about a better society. The more complex society, the harder raising children is.

As a matter of fact, this old issue, how to raise children is studied from the past to in nowadays and will be proceeded continuously in future. Just as a motto is often cited! +/- There is no best, but better. ! +/- If only we adjust our method from time to time, I believe, we can learn better.