EQUIPMENT: Tank about 60 cm long by 30 cm wide by 30-38 cm deep, Purified water, Glass or Plastic cover, Gravel enough for about 2-3 cm in depth, Filter, Food pellets or flakes, Fake shoe etc. , Air Pump optional, Light optional. Setting Up and Settling In: Hints: Have tank running two or three days before adding fish to get everything running smoothly. Start off with one goldfish and work up to more. Try to make water temperatures in the bag that you bring the fish home in the same temperature as the water in the tank to avoid shocking the fish.

1. Spread the gravel evenly on the bottom of the tank. 2. Secure the plants with the gravel. 3. Place ornament on the bottom of the tank.

4. Attach the pump to the side of the tank and plug into power point. 5. Fill your tank with water three quarters of the way up. 6. Place fish in the tank.

7. Place lid on. Looking after your fish and the tank: To find out how much your fish eats place two or three flakes or pellets into the tank and wait a couple of minutes. If there is food left over then you have fed them too much. Feed your fish twice daily once in the morning and once at night. When you feed them, check that they look healthy and that the water and the tank look clean.

Cleaning: If water looks dirty remove the fish from the tank into another container. Empty some of the water out not all of it and refill it. Wait a while so that the clean water adjusts to the room temperature then put the fish back in the tank. If tank looks dirty remove the fish into another container and empty out all the water from the tank and remove the gravel and the ornaments. Scrub the tank with plain water and a cloth give the gravel and the ornaments a quick rinse over then place back in the tank replace water and then put the fish back in.