The Lives of Italy's High School Students Students at American high schools take for granted being able to choose what classes they want, she said. Italian students don't have that luxury. They do not get to choose their classes. They can choose the school that they go to, but their classes are chosen for them.

The pretty much know what classes they are going to take because they researched the school before they chose to study there. If they don't like the classes they have they are free to move to a different school or they just have to deal with it. Some Italian High Schools offer classes in Greek, Latin, English and art. Other classes might include astronomy and physics. Education outweighs sports, schools have soccer teams, volleyball teams and track teams, but nobody really ever goes to the games and very few students are a part of these teams. Some of the Italian schools are trying a new program where the teachers speak only different languages in the school.

This program is to help the students understand their foreign language classes. In Italy the students don't change classes for different subjects; instead the teachers change classrooms, and the students remain in the same room. They are required to take ten subjects per year, and have two ranking periods per school year. During the first three years of high school in Italy, the students have 25 hours of subjects per week, and their senior year they have 30 hours of subjects a week. They also are required to go to school for a half day on Saturdays. The school year is divided into two or three semesters depending on what area they live in.

The students go to school six days a week, Monday to Saturday. Schools usually end around 2. 00 pm. All students study Italian, History, Geography and Math. Most Italian students who are planning to go to the university choose to take either a humanities or social science direction in high school. They will be placed in a suitable grade depending on their previous knowledge of Italian.

This way, they will become adapted to their new surrounding straight away and they will keep company with those who will be their classmates during their year in Italy. The school year runs from mid-September to mid-June. With few exceptions, teaching takes place in the morning. The students are expected to spend their afternoons studying and doing their homework. In over all Italian High School students live pretty good considering that they are not allowed to choose their own classes. But, in all they live like a lot of America's high school students..