There are many things that influence a person's life. Kids learn from their parents and elders learn by their own life experience. These two influence a persons life differently. These two ways of learning have their own different advantages.

Some people prefer to listen to other people instead of listening to their own parents or relatives and some people prefer to experience the life by doing things. I prefer to learn about life by my own experience. Some people listen to others to learn. They prefer their parents and other people and listen to them because sometimes people give good advice about what a person is going to do. In this way, you can compare what is write and what is wrong.

This way their advice can save you from any kind of trouble. Not everybody gives good advice to others. There are some people who are jealous with others and give the wrong advice. On the other side, some people learn about life by experiencing it. This is a good way to learn about life. But in this way people face more problems because they don't know good and bad effects before doing things.

Learning about life from these two ways has advantages. for kids they mostly learn from their parents because they cannot do things by themselves. Almost every parent tell their kids good and bad affects what to do and what not to do and what things to be aware of. Parents never want their children in trouble and in bad company. But listening to others instead of parents could damage a persons life. For example I have a friend.

He was very good in studies before he joined the university. He lives in hostel so he shares his room with one other boy. I didn't know about him, when my friend started living with him. Now I see that he has affected my friends life.

He became him a chain smoker and he doesn't study well as he was before. Now the result is that, he has a problem in his chest. there are many other things that affects life by listening others. Learning about life by experience is hard. In this way a person doesn't know the result of what he is going to do.

There is a good affect of doing things by himself because a person can save himself from other peoples wrong advice. Mostly I do things by myself and experience some difficulties. But I like to learn things by myself. Sometime I take my parents advice. Experiencing life by doing it kind a fun. I think most preferable is to experience life.

But I also listen to my parents and friends when I am confused about my decision. By listening to them, I can find what would be right. If I am sure what I am doing, then I do it by myself. I have experience of listening to others. When I was in grade eleven. My friend always told me to go to movies, parties and to miss school.

At first I listened to him. But I found out later after three weeks that both of us were dropped from class. After that day I never stayed with him. I learn the most by experience.

In conclusion, nobody can learn everything about life from others. Life is an experience. Experiencing life shows different faces of the world. The people to whom a person listens to also have their own life experience. Reply Quote Download Close.