May 6, 2001 "Report of a Famous Woman" Hi it's me again and I am doing another report. This time my report is on a famous woman. The woman I am writhing about is named Mae Jemison. Mae is famous because she was the first African American to travel into space. I am righting about her because I am interested in astronauts. Mae was born on October 17, 1956 in Decatur Alabama.

While Mae was still young she and her family moved to Chicago, Illinois. Mae was the youngest child in her family. She had an older brother and sister named Charles and Ada. Mae was a smart girl, she loved to work on science projects and go to the public library to learn about science.

Like many girls Mae also loved to dance. Almost every day she would have 1 hour dance lessons. Once Mae was an adult she decided for her career she wanted to be an astronaut so she tried out at NASA. Mae took many tests for months and when the results came she found out she passed.

At that time she was the happiest person on earth. After about 6 years of training and hard work she received a notice reveling that on September 12, 1992 she and the other crewmembers will be sent on a mission to space. Mae got reedy as fast as possible and when the day came Mae boarded the spacecraft called the Endeavor and latter that day may earned a place in history for being the first African American to ever endure in space. Mae is still alive in fact she is still traveling from country to country presenting speeches and encouraging young people to follow their dreams. In conclusion Mae was a really talented person and she really had an affect on my life by showing me that if she was good enough to go to space then I am to. By: Kevin Olivier.