The number of traffic accident increase continually during recent years with three main causes such as driving while getting drunk, not abiding by the traffic rules and using public transports without safety. As for a recent survey, 35% of all participants have ever driven when they were drunk. It explains why 30% of all traffic accidents are caused during recent years by drunk drivers. People cannot control themselves when they get drunk. In most situations, they do not know what they are doing. Therefore it is easy to cause traffic accidents when they are drunk.

Next, the survey also indicates that many people don't take care much of abiding by the traffic rules. Forty percent of all participants usually exceed the speed limit and don't stop when seeing red lights. It is extremely dangerous because if both two cars are running at high speed from two different dimensions and one of them doesn't obey the traffic light, a traffic accident will hardly avoid. Beside that, the police also announce about many cases not abiding by traffic rules like driving without licenses. Most of them are young people under 18 years old. They don't have enough basic knowledge about traffic rules, and don't know how to react in emergency circumstances.

Finally, sixty percent of serious traffic accidents which kill many people are caused by using public transports without safety. For example, the break system can be out of order anytime if these transports are not checked continually especially old public transports. The drivers only take care of profits; they don't care about the safety of passengers. They don't want to spend much money on maintaining vehicles and machinery. To conclusion, the government should improve the sense of responsibility of each people in taking part in traffic to reduce traffic accidents.