Martin Luther King Jr's father was born on January 15, 1929. His father, an alcoholic has been drinking everyday and coming home drunk. Martin Luther King Jr being abused couldn't take the pain. Going to a colored school all bruised up. Then he decided to take action.

No more shall he get abused by his father. It's about time he stood up. When Martin Luther King Jr's father came he decided to tell his father that he doesn't deserve to be treated that way. In a minute Martin Luther King Jr was out side of his house with his suitcase with his close. Martin Luther King Jr going down a lonely street having no one to talk too sat at a corner and slept. He went to school acting as if everything was alright.

As he grew he noticed that colored and white people were treating the colored people unfairly. Instead of Martin Luther King Jr. being a non-violence man decided to take action and started to bully some of the white people. Now some white people scared, Martin was amused to see how weak and unprotected they were.

Instead of Martin Luther King Jr giving his wonderful speech of how he dreams of America being a free and non-racist place and how he dreamed that his little children would go to school where they pleased, did not happen. Now the schools are separated between the colored and the white people. Instead of being friends with anyone you want and watching movies at any theatre you want could be done. Life would have been different for us if Martin Luther King Jr was like that because we wouldn't have much freedom as much as we would " ve if he wasn't a dirty man. We would have to go to colored schools and make friends with everyone there but not whites. We would have to have to go to the back of the bus if we want to go home without walking.

We would all have to drink water from a different water fountain and go to shopping in a different store. We would do a lot of things different. We wouldn't have much as freedom we do today with out Martin Luther King Jr being a heroic person and leading many people to freedom and giving everyone the right as everyone does.