My one and only love is Johnna. Ever since the first grade I have loved her. She came to me after class of our first day of high school and said "I love you France so." I did not know what to say so I said "I love you too Johnna." We shared a kiss so patio nite I wanted to make love to her right there so I said "I have loved you since we first met and now I wish to ask you out to dinner and a drink at my place tonight." I went straight home and changed then went to the store. I bought condoms, wine, candles, and in sence. I wanted it to be romantic. She showed up at 9 and we had dinner, and a glass of wine and then we started making out.

After 5 minutes of kissing she said "I want you now, I want you inside me now! ." I obeyed and we started undressing. Once both of us were entirely naked we got back into bed and she spread her legs open in vint my hot erect penis in. I pushed and she moaned. I thrusted and thrusted.

She screamed at she hit her climax and then I gave one last thrust and collapsed onto the bed. Then she got on her knees and put her head between me legs and started to gently lick my testicles. It made me feel so horn. Then she put them into her mouth and teased them with her tounge. She took her mouth off them and took my penis into her mouth and started teasing the tip of it. My hot steamy cum shot into her mouth and she just licked harder.

I then moved onto her. She opened her legs and I put my mouth into her hot bush. Her mouth was wet so I stuck my tounge inside her and started moving it around while I playfully teased her breasts with my fingers. Then I took my spare hand and moved it up and down in her vagina. She moaned and fell backwards.