Discrimination has been around since human beings began seeking perfection throughout the recent years, obesity has been a growing problem for many Americans. Not only do individuals suffer with their weight issues, but many also deal with discrimination due to their weight. Discrimination to obese or overweight individuals happens everywhere. The most common places for people to experience discrimination due to their weight are work, school, and in the general community. Many overweight people are looked down upon in the workplace because they are sometime s considered to work slower than their other coworkers, and they are usually visualized as someone who cannot perform task as easily "skinner" people. For example, a heavy set person many not be asked to perform tasks at work that require a lot of running around and lifting because their employer may feel they will not be able to succeed.

Discrimination in the work place happens more often then any of us realize. Sometimes people discriminate others because of their weight even if they were not meaning to. In addition, obese people are not given equal opportunities in the work environment to succeed, solely due to their weight. Overweight people are not always given promotions and / or raises because their employer discriminates them. Although it is not uncommon for employers to discriminate their employees because of their weight issues, does not mean they are right for doing so. When someone is being discriminated against in the work place, it can be very damaging to their confidence.

Overweight people are often the ones that have problems staying in school and staying focused. For example, adolescent youths are always making fun of the heavy set person because of his disfiguration. From the beginning overweight people are often the first to be made fun of from the very beginning of their lives because they look different. Often the attackers are individuals that have certain problems with themselves and are not able to cope with them, so they criticize someone else's faults to relive any uneasiness they may encounter if someone were to point out their disfiguration.

In addition, schools are often another big discriminator because they do not cater to the needs of theses people. Often a larger person has problems sitting in the desks of certain class rooms and is obliged to sit down at a table that can meet their needs, making them more noticeable and open for taunts by other students. Discrimination in school against overweight people leaves an open wound for many making it hard for them to further their education. Overweight people in the general community deal with discrimination daily and almost at an hourly time interval. For example, overweight people encounter great difficulty when trying to shop for new clothes. Since the mass media produces images of the human body of having a perfect model type body that is what everyone caters to.

Since overweight people do not have the "ideal body" portrayed by the media they often have to make their own clothes from more than one article of clothing causing them emotional and physical pain. In addition, overweight people also experience discrimination in the general public from all sorts of different people, from really skinny people to people of moderate size. Theses people making remarks that range anywhere from "Hey big guy" to offering drinks saying "Are you thirsty? A Diet Coke, maybe." These people making it extremely hard on those less fortunate of having big bones or being overweight. These people, who say discriminative things to overweight people have an effect that leaves a lasting impression on them and only causes their problem to swell and grow bigger..