Oscar Schindler Oscar Schindler was a character in the movie "Schindler's List." This is a movie about the holocaust and how Oscar Schindler used is own riches to save one thousand and one hundred Jews. In this movie Oscar Schindler is described as a dynamic character. A dynamic character is a person in a movie that changes dramatically. This is true for Schindler for many reasons. In the movie Schindler is a Nazi party member who looking to make money, or become rich, from the situation that his country is in. He tries to take advantage and earn money by cheating the government and using Jews to work for him.

The Jews were given illegal papers to work. That was cheating the government. While Schindler was making lots and lots of money, the Jews were being persecuted and killed. This was very disturbing to Schindler at times, But he tried to ignore it and make his money and become someone known as he came with nothing and left with fortunes.

But, over the course of the movie, Schindler conscience started to change his ways. The more and more he saw how crazy and sick the Nazi was, he started to care for the Jews. So, then he became very sorry for the Jews. He started buying Jews to save them from death. He used every single penny and dime he had to save about 1, 100 Jews.

This is what you call a dynamic character. The movie Schindler's List had a perfect example of a dynamic character. Oscar was a person who was against the Jews and changed very dramatically to come and save the Jews. Truly, Oscar Schindler was a man who came with nothing and left with fortunes.