People take more influence from their surrounding then from their genes. A peaceful and calm atmosphere will play a major role in stabilizing the nature of a person. Close to nature person will be a humanitarian and a well-wisher of all. Life and surrounding have an impact on the innate sense of self-preservation.

A person's attitude towards life is calm and placid if he has been in a society of controlled dignitaries. His decision power will be rationalized objectively with equity from all aspects. Research has proven that the internal characteristics of any person can be changed over the passage of time with control, a will to change and peaceful surroundings. A person living on the constant edge of adventure is likely to interpret a sign of friendship as a sign of danger to his integrity and survival. A person living in a charming protected and rustic wilderness is bound to be humanitarian. A person is not brave or coward by nature it is his surrounding which make him so.

His reaction to any attack on him will change his attitude. Any threat to his close ones will be interpreted differently by different persons and will further determine his attitude. A child living in a protected and rustic wilderness is bound to react slowly to a change in his environment. His sense of well being and being surrounded by his loved ones will enable him to trust his well wishers without any reason So a person who is brave is likely to act no different from cowardice under the same situation and so his immediate surrounding and situation have more of an impact on his reaction then his internal characteristics..