Personal goals are important in every aspect in ones life. I set personal goals every day, from work, to home, and now to school. I think without personal goals we would wander about aimlessly. Personal goals I have are both short and long term. I have always been able to set goals, but I have also been remiss in meeting some of these goals. Goals are sometimes unattainable due to extenuating circumstances, examples being job changes, moves, marriage, children, financial, etc.

My biggest priority short to mid term personal goal is to complete school, earning my Bachelors degree in business management. I chose business management because it ties in with several other professional goals I have set for myself. I am seeking a promotion in my current place of employment, and I truly believe having a Bachelors degree will help me stand out amongst my counterparts. To date I am excited by being enrolled in the University of Phoenix, as I believe they make the task of achieving this goal a reality. In my mind I have set certain shorter term goals, or as I have begun referring to "tasks", to help make the goal more realistic.

I equate it to "baby steps.".. each class I complete is one step closer to achieving my goal. A distraction currently is trying to accurately determine how many transfer credits the University Of Phoenix is going to award me for previous schooling and life experience. I would like to know this, so I could know exactly what my graduation date would be. As it is my belief that there should be deadlines in attaining ones personal goals. Another of my personal goals is to get my Private Pilots License.

It has always been a dream of mine to fly airplanes. I had actually looked into attending the Pan American Flight Academy here in Phoenix a few years back, in the hope of becoming a professional pilot. The biggest reason this did not happen was purely financial, as the tuition for this program was close to sixty thousand dollars. And you were prohibited from working while you went through this program full time. As I have a family to support, this was not feasible. Thus, I had to realign my personal goals, and relegate myself to hopefully flying small aircraft as a hobby.

I am excited that my son is also planning on attending Embry Riddle University in Prescott, Arizona, in the hope of becoming a professional pilot! Maybe I can live out this goal vicariously through him. I am also hoping that maybe he could even teach me. I have a personal goal to continue my computer education. I had previously started to work towards getting my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineering certificates, but due to several outside influences, I was unable to do this. This is a goal that was more of a personal one for me than professional, as it had very little impact on my current job of working with databases. This is something I had started and regretted not finishing.

A few of my other personal goals on my radar scope is to travel. This was something I did extensively while I was in the military, and miss greatly. As my children mature, and reach college age, the goal gets closer to becoming a reality. My goal is to travel extensively through Europe with my wife. Another "tentative" goal I have, along with my wife, is the possibility of relocating. Top on our list of spots to relocate to is San Diego, California.

Along with this "personal" goal, come new "professional" goals, as this move would entail job changes for the two of us. So, in conclusion, I have outlines several of my personal goals, both short and long term. I have also outlined how some of these personal goals play into my professional goals. I also explained why I did not achieve some of my previous goals, and how I still how to achieve them..