Shahla is a single mother. She is from Iran. She got divorced four years ago. Shahla has two children, one son who is fourteen years old and one daughter who is ten years old. Shahla and her family came to Canada seven years ago. She and her family stayed in Turkey for two years.

They had to live there in a terrible situation to get landed immigrant as a refuge to come to Canada. Shahla got her diploma in Iran. She has been out of school for a long time. From the day she was married to her husband, she had a bad relationship with him.

She told me she had been beaten by her husband when she was in Iran. She left her husband several time but she had to go back again. Shahla told me she has tried to get a divorce but she couldn't have got it because she needed her husband's permission to do it. When she came to Canada she tried to forget what had happened during the last years.

She thought that her husband may change his behavior but he didn't. Shahla had been beaten by her husband before she got divorced. She had to live at women shelter for three months with her children. Shahla is living in an apartment at Lawrence and Morningside. She gets money from social assistance. Shahla has been faced many problems since she had got divorced.

She has difficulty in terms of raising her children. Her children are usually worried and nervous because their father seldom visits them. Shahla also has difficulty in learning English and finding a job. She has no relatives in Canada. She doesn't want to get involved in any community like the Iranian community. She has been diagnosed depression, migraines and anxiety.

Shahla has become isolated and she doesn't want to socialize with others. She was referred by her psychiatrist. She has no alcohol or other substance abuse. She felt that she had been treated badly by her husband. Her major issue is about housing, her children's future and her mental illness. She wants to get case management from this agency.

She thinks that Across Boundaries can help her to socialize with other people.