The statement made by Rubin "Hurricane " Carter, "Hate got me into this place, love got me out." The statement means that throughout his term in prison he changed as a person and also a human being. As he arrived in prison he was what you call a bad ass and a rebel. I remember distinctly a scene involving Carter and the prison Warden. The Warden told Carter to put on the standard uniform for him to be identified in prison and Carter being the stubborn man he was at the time refused and was sentenced to I believe 90 days in the whole. Now the whole was a small very dark cell where you get fed once a day with bread and water. After this he started to become friendly with a guard (unlike the guards in the "Shawshank Redemption" who's main objective was to hassle and give the prisoners a hard time.

Carter talked with the guard and the guard had Carter hide his memoir in his pants when the investigated his cell for contraband. Carter finished his memoir and it was called " The 16 th Round from No. 1 Contender to No. 45472" which was the number he was given when he entered prison. Carter was a noble man after he was in prison for a while most of his time was spent on writing his book. He thought if he was behaving it was more of an incentive to not charge him with the murder which he wrongfully was accused of.

He also made friends with some of the other guards including the Warden who he was at war with when he entered. They didn't start any problems with each other. I believe " The Hurricanes " statement was true, when he came to prison he was hated by all, but through the movie peoples feelings changed from hate to love. They realized that and innocent man was going to be subjected to prison for a murder he did not commit. Hurricane Carter was released form prison and all accounts on him committing the murder were dropped.