This book "The Terrorist" was written by Caroline B. Cooney and published by Scholastic Inc. in Toronto Ontario Canada. Laura is in high school and she had just moved from Boston. At the beginning of the book, her brother died when a terrorist's package bomb exploded and killed Billy.

Laura and her family were heart-broken when they found out the bad news. Laura becomes determined to do what ever she could to find out who killed Billy. One day, when Laura was questioning Mohammed, Jehran asked her if she would like to go to a sleep over. At first Laura did not want to but she finally agreed. While she was at the sleep over, Jehran told her about a marriage that she would be forced into by her brother. She asked for Laura's help to run away to the airport and take a plane to New York.

After a while, Laura agreed. A week later, they went to the airport as planned, but they did not know that Jimmy was following them. Jimmy warned Laura's other friends that she was going to New York. While Laura was boarding the plane, she started getting suspicions about Jehran. Laura decided that Jehran should leave by herself on the plane and she should go home. Jehran didn't want to go by herself, so Laura confronted her and Laura found out that Jehran was the one who told the terrorists to kill Billy.

Jehran was charged but was found innocent. Laura and her family moved back to Boston without Billy. Billy would be a part of them forever. Billy used to live in Boston but he moved to London England. He owned a "Macaroni & Cheese" business and he was financially secure. When he was getting off the train, a man handed him a package that his friend had dropped.

Billy examined the box and realized that it was a bomb. He wrapped himself around the bomb and it blew up (so he died). Laura's (and Billy's) parents were miserable and were very upset. They had cared a lot about Billy, and so had Laura. Laura was miserable and she wanted to find out who killed Billy. One day, while Laura was questioning Mohammed, Jehran invited her to a sleep over.

Jehran is a thin elegant girl who had long black hair. She was the one who had chosen Billy to be killed by the terrorists. When they were going to the airport, Jimmy followed Laura and found out what was going on and told Laura's other friends. Jimmy is one of Laura's friends in her class and he relates to her pretty well because he used to live in America too.

Con and Mohammed went to the airport to see what Jimmy was talking about. Con is Laura's best friend and she cared a lot about Laura. Mohammed is a wise friend of Laura's and he tried to help Laura out through this hard time. "The Terrorist" was one of the best books I have read in a long time. I am a very picky person when it comes to books and I am not pleased with most books that I read. What I liked about this book is that it was fast paced and very well written.

When I read this book, the characters really seemed to come alive. The emotions were explained in great detail and the plot was very unpredictable. I can see things coming most of the time in books and I get the point too soon so in the middle of the book, it is like knowing the end already. Also another thing, a lot of books I find are really cheap because the plot is so cheesy and stupid sometimes. When I saw this book at the book fair, Mrs. Perez said that this book is a very good book.

"The Terrorist" has a wide variety of types of writing and different plot twists. You never know what's going to happen next. So to all of those who like these sort of books, I recommend it! If you like fast paced books, read "The Terrorist." A pretty good page turner. Find it in your local library today!