At the fundaments of a perfect society there are always some rules that we should follow. These are the rules that we do not think about in our everyday life. By that we might actually call them "habits." But still it is a matter of behaviour. Some of those rules are even often used by most of people, than for example: remembering to brush your teeth after you wake up or before you go to bed. And I do not mean by that daily toilette is less important and more suffisticated than these ground rules. But are these rules helpful or maybe they cause problems? I personally find these rules very helpful.

It is always nice for example to say "hello" to your neighbour while being in an elevator or somewhere around your house. You do not need to know your neighbour well or even at all but this a great "conversation starter." It might turn out that you share same interests... and voila... you got yourself a new possible friend. Let us not forget abut the most basic rule of good behaviour and perfect society: "Ladies first" - but make sure that there is an elevator in the shaft! And what about getting on a tram or bus? We always wait untill everyone gets out.

And it's not only nice but also very helpful, because in that way the whole procedure goes faster. These are only few rules, and I understand that it is hard to be nice to everyone, but if everyone would try just to be good with the nearest surrounding (neighbours, store clerks in shops where are doing our groceries, people we work with) everything would work much better. Concluding - all these rules are made to help people finding their place in this hard to survive place that we call "society." Live by the book, and you should have no problem with that... and remember... brush your teeth!