The United States is based on a various subcultures. Among these, Japanese culture is one of the most influent ones. I've been a member of Japanese culture in the United States for two years. As I see it, there are differences between American culture and Japanese culture. The example as a difference in a sense of values is how to treat people.

In Japanese culture, they respect all people mostly. It's because they think it courtesy to respect people. If you go to Japanese restaurant, the employees treat you like a God. They think that customer is a God.

Even if you take a disagreeable attitude, their attitude does not change. It is their pleasure to be nice to people. When I went to some restaurant here, nobody welcomed me. There was an employee in the kitchen. Then he just pointed the table. It meant take a seat, but I did not sit.

I just left there. I felt something bad. So this is an example of different values. Clothing can be an example of subculture. Almost all of countries have their traditional clothes, but they usually do not wear them. Generally, every country has a same style of clothing.

In a Japanese culture, they have to wear fashionable clothes when they go out, otherwise, people look at them with nasty eyes and they may say something rude. In an American culture, they do not need to be fashionable all the time. I think that some of them may have only jeans and T-shirts. If I have an appointment to meet Japanese people here, I do not prefer to wear unfashionable clothes because I know what they think. There are many Japanese supermarkets everywhere in the United States. All Japanese supermarkets sell rice.

Even American supermarkets such as Von's, Ralph's, and Albertsons have Asian section, and they also sell rice. The most important food for Japanese people is rice because we live on rice. Japanese people eat rice more than American people. Japanese culture is already within an American culture. There are Japanese people everywhere in the United States, so American culture might change to like a Japanese culture someday.