All around the world there are women of many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Every one, no matter who she is or where she came from, is beautiful in some way. The people of the world want to know everything that goes on inside a woman's head, so much that they have written books on it. Basically, they want to know everything from how she thinks, to how she looks, to how she feels. This paper will discuss the three main aspects of the beautiful black woman, her mind, body, and soul.

First, this paper will discuss the mind of a black woman. As many people well know, every year the government comes up with new tests, goals, and standards to keep us as members of the African American race from being successful. The mind of a black woman is strong, intelligent, and cultured. In a nutshell, she has wisdom that she is more than willing to share. Within wisdom is knowledge, and that is true and priceless beauty.

It is a beautiful black woman that never forgets where she came from and the pain, tears, and sacrifice it took to get her there. A beautiful mind is open, flexible, and spirited. It is creative, clever, and recognizes true beauty and goodness. It is the mind of a beautiful black woman that does not ostracize or mortify who and what she is.

Secondly, this paper will discuss the body of a beautiful black woman. Her body is a powerhouse that generates life energy by the boatload. Her body can be tall and lanky, smooth and slender, muscled and athletic, or as curvaceous as the winding roads of Dakota. She could even possess a combination of them all. A truly beautiful black woman feels that vanity is inane and pushes dwelling on her looks farther down of her list of priorities.

This does not mean that she refrains from taking care of herself. History has been kind to the body of this rare type of African American women. It has made her strong and able to endure some of the harshest of times. It does not matter if she is dark chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, or honey. She is black, she is unique, and most of all she is beautiful. Thirdly, this paper will discuss the soul of a beautiful black woman.

The soul, which is somewhat the most important part, is vibrant and passionate. A beautiful black woman has the soul of a goddess that is open and full of life. She is Eve, but there are no snakes, or poison apples in her garden. As a black woman, it is her duty to firmly uphold her values, customs, and religion.

It is of no relevance what religion she chooses to follow, as long as she is deeply rooted in it, and is totally oblivious to evil. Her soul is playful, a little naughty, and a little nice. The threat of despair and depression is not ominous or frightening. It is fortifying, and electrifying. It makes her want to be a better person today than she was on yesterday.

In conclusion, a beautiful black woman is many things. She is loving, kind, passionate, and open. As a member of the supposedly "softer sex", she must be the sensitive one in the world. Her mind, body, and soul are the three main weapons in her repertoire that makes her who and what she is. These three things give her the intellect to think rationally and clearly, the passion to love and accept things not matter who or what they may be, and also the ability to stop a guy cold on first sight. This paper discussed the three main aspects of a beautiful black woman, her mind, her body, and her soul..