issue raised in the text Catcher in the Rye by D. J Salinger was Youth Depression. One main idea about depression is that people with depression feel sad. Holden's attitude towards his sadness was that he felt like crying.

In his monologue of thoughts and feelings Holden often says he feels like crying. For example ''I don't know why but I was. I guess it was because I was feeling so dam depressed and lonesome. The technique of using a monologue to show Holden's attitude and to show the idea was effective because it showed how deeply depressed Holden was. Youth Depression has a number of issues relating to the main character Holden in the novel. The second being Sexual Desire.

Holden attitude towards his sexual desire was that he felt more shy and depressed than sexy. In a particular monologue in the novel, Holden demonstrates his lifeless and depressed mood by saying he felt peculiar instead of sexy when a hired prostitute pulled up her dress in front of him. For example in the novel Holden says ''I know your supposed to feel pretty sexy when somebody gets up and pulls their dress up over their head but I did " nt. Sexy was the last thing I was feeling I felt much more depressed than sexy''. The Quote from the text clearly illustrates Holden's attitude towards sex. It shows the complicated feelings depressed people go through when trying to except themselves the way they are and the worrying of how your supposed to feel when cert in situations come up..