A. SUMMARY Between 1999 to 2002 the global injustice of warcrimes was a problem in Palestine and Kashmir. This serious situation caused thousands of deaths, hundreds of thousands of injuries and still continuing today. The research, which included, newspaper, magazine and internet sites, shows that warcrimes will continue in future in these countries.

To solve this problem several recommendations would be of help: 1. India and China should leave the occupied area of Kashmir. 2. India should pull back his military from Kashmir areas. 3. Israeli military should leave the Palestinian occupied areas.

4. Israeli government should stop violating Palestinians rights. B. INTRODUCTION The global injustice of warcrimes in Palestine and Kashmir is the subject of this problem solution research report.

The Kashmir and Palestine are defending their homeland against the evil military of Israel. This subject is interesting because it shows how warcrimes are done in different parts of the world. The research methods are: internet, magazine and newspaper. C. PROBLEM 1.

Injustice Identified In Palestine and Kashmir warcrimes are committed by Indian and Israeli military. Palestinian and Kashmiri their homelands are been occupied. Indian and Israeli military are killing hundreds of thousands of civilians. Civilians life is complicated because they are been torture by military, they are always in fear of death, they are been attack by missile strike and there homes are been destroyed by military strike. (Warcrimes in Indian held Kashmir, web p.

1) "Over 65, 000 Kashmiris have been killed, thousand wounded and permanently disabled by the Indian security forces." Innocent civilians are been killed by Indian military. Evil is separating Indian military are targeting civilians on the street or when there at home. Many youth are been targeted by military, children's are been killed in school. Youth age between (15-35) are been tortured or taking innocent youth to jail and torturing them. In Palestine the issue of warcrimes is having a different affect on the citizens.

People are losing their homes but not killed or wounded by the crimes. Israeli military target camp by missile or by tank fire. Military are throwing bombs at those attempting to rescue their sisters. Several civilians and children's are suffering and they are disabled by the attacks. (Israeli Warcrimes at Jenin, web > p.

3). "Some 4, 000 people have been displaced." Israeli army and Israeli settlers living illegally in occupied Palestine. Palestinians are trying to protect their land from Israeli war criminals at the same time Israeli government is violating rights of Palestinians since 1967. Military and army is living in occupied areas of Palestine and willful killing the Palestinian civilians. Also military is committing crimes against Palestinian civilians in occupied Palestine. (Israel's crimes against palestinians: Warcrimes, Crimes against...

, web > "The Israeli government is violating Palestinian rights." 2. Location and time period - In Kashmir its happening in river Jhelum, liberated area, valley, Wullerlake from 1989-2002. - In Palestine its happening in West Bank, Gaza strip and Jerusalem from 1967-2002. 3. Victims/Survivors - In Kashmir the victims and survivors were Maul ui Muhammad Farooq was the murdered and Dr. Farooq Ahmad A shai was torture and shot dead.

- In Palestine the victims and survivors were Muhammad Ha washin was shot and killed and Kamal Zg hair was shot and run over by tanks. 4. Explanation of the Injustice - In Kashmir injustice is theft, bribery, culpable homicides, torturing the innocent civilians, beatings and numerous of extra-judicial killings. - In Palestine injustice is willful killing of Palestinian civilians by the Israeli army, Israeli army are raping Palestinian women, theft, and politicians are disloyal or in jail.

D. SOLUTION 1. Solutions Identified In Palestine people can't turn this issue of warcrimes into a positive because this problem is continuous. This issue can't be resolve because of the Israeli government and military committing warcrimes against the innocent Palestinian civilians. (Palestinian town taken by Israel, The Ambition, p. 16).

"In a military offensive in April, the deadliest battle took place next to the Jenin camp, killing 52 Palestinians and 23 Israeli soldiers." Israeli military targeted Palestinian civilians and killed 52 Palestinians, in response Palestinian people killed 23 Israeli soldiers. Also human rights group and Amnesty International have said that Israeli military committed warcrimes. People who are trying to solve this problem are also against the Israeli forces. But this has no affect on Israeli government and the military the crimes are still been committed today. At the end of the research the issue of warcrimes is not resolved because all Kashmiri families still have dead, wounded or disabled relatives in them.

"Indian military siege have been victims of state terrorism and repression of the most brutal type, which has killed more than 80, 000 civilians." (Kashmir Under Seige, Kashmir Relief, p. 1). No, because the international community are not taking serious action against Indian military, nor they are in hurry to resolve this problem. There are some international communities are trying to resolve this problem but not enough to stop the bloodshed or injured Kashmiris civilians who are suffering everyday in Kashmir. The only way this issue can be resolve is if Indian government would pull back their military from occupied Kashmir areas. (Kashmir: The international Dimensions, Islamic society of North America Newsletter, p.

4) "At the Okinawa (Japan) summit, 2000, they said:" The international community should act urgently and effectively to prevent and resolve armed conflict. Many people have been sacrificed and injured, many economies have been impoverished." 2. Location People who are trying to help out Kashmir the locations are United Nation resolution and UNZIP. Also people who are trying to help out Palestine the locations are U.

N Human right commission and Fourth Geneva convention. 3. Problem Solvers People who are trying to solve the problem and help Kashmir people are Mush taq A. Jee lani he is trying to collect money for Kashmir Relief Fund and writing news letter in North America about latest development in Kashmir. Patricia Goss man she is working with United Nations Commission and she is trying to resolve the problem and helping the people in Kashmir who are suffering from crimes.

People who are trying to help in Palestine are Julie Hyland she is part of a Human Rights Watch she is writing reports on warcrimes committing by Israeli defense forces and she is also part of the international investigation in Palestine. Rami Kaplan he was once Israeli army commander he refuse to follow the orders he was given and he is against the Israeli government about the territories that has been occupied illegally by Israel. Rami Kaplan is trying to help out Palestinian civilians by stopping warcrimes that is happening for many years. 4. Accomplishments and remaining problems There are some accomplishments by Human Rights Security Council and Red Cross, has made accomplishment both Palestine and Kashmir. But there are many problems that are still remaining like bloodshed, injuries, torturing, death, and many disabled civilians.

These problems are still to solve before is too late. E. Conclusion - In Kashmir and Palestine civilians are been targeted by the military. In Kashmir military is torturing Kashmiris and in Palestine military is beating and raping Palestinian civilians. - Male civilians were the victims in Palestine between the ages of (15-45).

But in Kashmir women and children civilians are also targets of warcrimes. - In Kashmir and Palestine murders, torture, rape, theft, beatings occurring with no arrests or trials.