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Last evening, I was watching an Indian Movie. The entire movie was based on busy lifestyle of a man based in Bombay. He (The hero) would meet his girlfriend everyday at 7. 00 am near the bus stop. They would talk for 15 mins and then board different buses. The entire movie took me back to good-old days of my life when I was a fresh graduate and trying to work as a new hire employee.

I was a textile engineer graduate- intern. For my new job, I had to travel by city-bus for nearly 45 minutes. My Job was to start daily at 9. 00 am and to be there in time, I had to leave my home by 7.

10 am. I was never a morning person, but I loved my new-job so much, that I could do anything to do my best. The city-bus journey was never enjoying. The bus had so many stops before I could reach my destination. So many people used to board the Bus and trying to push me on my shoulders. Just to avoid being pushed by others, I used to board the early morning city-bus and grab a window seat.

At least I knew, I started my day daily on a happy note. I also had one more reason to be happy for... It all started from my second week of travel. A blind-man, used to board the same bus which I boarded everyday. I always got the window-seat and he would board the bus on the next stoplight. He would walk on the bus-corridor and would always come and stop by my shoulder.

As I would see his white walking cane, I knew he was blind and I would offer him my window seat. He would readily take my window-seat and thank me all the way. I had to move to second seat, and other people standing in the corridor would push me. I knew I had to change my seating arrangement, just to avoid this blind-man.

Infact, out of frustration, I thought of changing my bus-schedule, but then I would be late at work. Well... I continued with same bus-schedule. This blind-man would find me anywhere in the bus, no matter where I sat, he would come and stop by my side and I had to offer him my seat, respecting his physical condition. This really got me curious of how could he find me in entire bus, no matter where I sat. This seat-exchanging pattern went on for entire 1 week.

It was Monday and this bus was jam-packed. Everybody boarding the bus kept pushing me on my shoulder. I gave up on my patience and I asked this blind man-"Sir! Can I ask you one question, please?" and he said " Yes Son! You sure can." I gathered all my courage and I asked him-"Sir! Please don't take it personally, but how can you find me in this jam packed bus, no matter where I sit." I was sure; he would hit me for asking this stupid question. But instead he smiled at me and said - " Son! GOD takes care of everybody. GOD didn't give me eyesight to distinguish things, but GOD gave me distinctive power to analyze things by smell. Everyday in the morning, you wear this specific Cologne and I can find you anywhere in this bus.

And since we both get off at the same destination, I have your company through-out the travel." I was startled for a minute by his answer. I didn't even know the name of this blind-man but he could still find me anywhere in this bus. He gained so much of respect in my heart. We introduced ourselves to each other.

We became best friends in spite of our age difference. We would talk a lot during 45 minutes of our travel time. I would ask for his advice and he would tell me stories of pre-independence times. He worked as a Librarian in a Blind school's Library. Even the Bus-driver knew both of us and I would reserve the window-seat for my best friend. This was my daily life-pattern for more than 2 years, when I was promoted to production manager position and had to move to downtown office, for which I had to travel by Train.

Even though our travel ways changed, but still we are friends and I do value his advises. Whenever I see any picture of a city-bus or a Bus stop, my thoughts go back to my Bus (best) friend who I miss talking to.

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