It was a typical Saturday afternoon with nothing to do, and nothing going on. Michael, my cousin, had nothing to do, none of his friends were home, except for Joe who was at his house with him. Desperately searching for something to do before the day was over they went into his backyard. On his porch, and started to play war, a simple card game that practically never end's. Then out of the blue michael yell's "Dude, check that out!" , not knowing what he could be talking bout Joe looked toward where michael was pointing to.

Joe looks and see's a bee with a damaged wing. "Oooh wow it's a bee," Joe said cynically. "Wait, I got a cool idea" said Michael, he runs to into the house and finds a peice of thread. "What are you gonna do knit a sweater? !" said Joe. "Just watch" Michael said.

Michael hen started tying the string around the bee, Joe not knowing what Michael was doing, though he friend went nuts. Trying to hang the bee or something. "I saw this on T. V once" said Michael. Then the bee started to struggle, it looked like is was trying to escape. Then the bee started to fly, and it was still attached to the string, it was like a kite! It was really freaky, because he can hold the bee an inch away from ur face, and you can see the bee, up close and personal, while it's trying to fly you and sting you in the face.

But what was scary was that the bee could break away from the string and fly right into Joe's face, but it didnt. So they tied the bee to a post and watched it for 5 minutes, and forgot about the bee, and the next day it was gone.