As a young man he attended Harvard, but soon dropped out to found his now multi billion dollar company, Microsoft in 1975. Bill Gates took components from two other inventors and combined them to form the first Personal Computer. John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz had designed a programming language called BASIC; Gates used this on the Altair system. This was Microsoft's and Bill Gates' first product, which sparked the beginning of Microsoft's multi billion-dollar empire. Bill Gates soon formed a beneficial alliance with the already powerful and established computer engineering company IBM (International Business Machines). IBM had designed a Personal Computer and needed software for its Operating System.

In another shrewd business move, Bill Gates bought Q-DOS from The Seattle Computer Products company and had his company modify it to run as the IBM Personal Computer's Operating System. The Personal Computer by IBM was finally released in August 1981 and quickly beat out the competition to move to the top. Soon Microsoft, led by Bill Gates, made Windows. Which was a more user-friendly operating system. This Operating System was created to compete with Macintosh's Operating System. This new Operating System put Microsoft at the top and let Bill Gates pocket a pretty penny.

With his company established and himself with a good nest egg, he continues to make shrewd business deals to this day. Bill Gates's uc cess in business came with his understanding of what people want in a company. He's loyal to those he employs, and even helped make many Microsoft employees millionaires. People like a company that is not afraid to pour its money into research. Microsoft does just that by spending billions on technology research.

When Gates was just getting popular he appeared on many T. V. shows and other media with a likeable appearance that bought the peoples hearts and made them want to support Microsoft. He was ingenious, using a combination of Xerox and IBM company products to get more sales from their buyers also.

After a while Microsoft became a monster of a company, but it didn't frighten the people away. Gates had built up Microsoft as humanities savior. When Microsoft released Windows 95 the world quickly embraced it and the cyber world began, changing our world to be a better more interconnected place. Bill Gates' cunning business deals as Microsoft CEO, has put Microsoft at the top of a revolutionized computer age. BASIC sent the world to new highs by allowing someone to operate a computer in their own home. DOS came around and the world again advanced to a whole new level of computer modernization.

People began to see computers as a needed tool, and as something that would grow quickly. Even all of the skeptics began to give in to the urge to use a Personal Computer. When Bill Gates led Microsoft into coming out with Windows, it opened a door to a quick paced multi-billion dollar computerized world, where the sky is the limit. Today our entire life and world are based on computers.

They pretty much rule our world. They have revolutionized modern thinking and individual education. Bill Gates made all this possible, we can now communicate freely to anyone around the world instantaneously. The computer world is still growing exponentially and will continue to grow because of Bill Gates and his Personal Computer. Bill Gates and Microsoft provided infinite information in anyone's home through the invention of the Personal Computer. Bibliography Gelernter, David "Software Strongman Bill Gates" Time Magazine Top 100 (web) 2001 Gates, Bill "William H.

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