Shakespeare William Shakespeare was born in 23 april in 1564 in Stratford-on-Avon in England. Shakespeare was baptized in the church the 26 april 1564. Shakspeare and his family lived in a house in Stanford at Henry Street. His father was an prosperous merchant and he owned several houses in Stratford. His mothers name was Mary Arden. He g rowed up in a rich family and he went in latin school.

What Shakespeare did after he left school no one knows. He may took over his fathers buisness or became a schoolmaster in the country, or went into the army. When he was 18 years old he married with Anne Hathaway a woman who was 8 years older than Shakespeare. Anne Hathaway came from a village about a mile a way from Stratford. In May 1583, a daughter, Susanna, was born and then in 1585 came twins a boy called Hamnet and a girl called Judith. Perhaps it was to keep a family Shakespeare dicided to live in Stratford.

But according to one story he had to leave i rather a hurry in different reason. The story tells that Shakespeare was caught stealing deer from Charlecote Park wich was the home for a nobel man called Sir Tomas Lucy. Sir Tomas was prosecuted Shakespeare for poaching, Shakspeare dicided to write a poem about the story. This was to much for Sir Thomas, so Shakespeare dicided to leave Stratford quickly in order to avoid further trouble.

In 1592 Shakespeare become an actor in London and he begun writing plays. He was well enough known to make one older playwright, Robert Greene, jealous of him, for Greene wrote an any attack on him accused him of "stealing" others writers plays and that Shakespeare pretending they were his own. Shakespeare in fact was very launched on his carre, and from now on he wrote two plays every year By 1594 he become a leading member of the company of actors called the Lords Chamberlain's Men, and it was probably for that he wrote all the rest of his plays. In 1594 his plays began to published. In 1596 his son Hamnet died 11 years old.

The Globe Theater was build in 1599 in London and Shakespeare was joint owner in it. After a few years in London Shakespeare went home to Stratford to live and there he probly wrote his last plays. On the 23 april 1616 Shakespeare died. He was buried to the same church that he was baptized..