Nowadays, there are lots and lots of people suffering from poverty all over the world. The gap between the rich and the poor is still increasing. Day by day, the rich become richer and richer, while the poor become poorer and poorer. The situation now is very serious.

Well, there is a hot wire. In the middle of February, the government of George Bush Junior made a plan that from now on, 50 percent of the money, which World Band would send to the poor countries, would be just direct help instead of loan. That is a good idea. Poor countries and poor people really need developed countries' help.

The population of the poor doesn't decrease. Actually, it is still increasing, more or less. Population of developing countries is growing very fast. In the year 2025, there will be two billion more people in developing countries, while 90 percent of these people will be poor and will just live in gutters.

At present Most of these people live in South Asia, South Africa, East Asia, Latin America and Caribbean Sea. And there have been about three billion people who are very very poor in the world. To make matter worse, more than 50 percent of these poor people are women and children. The situation of the poor is still too bad. Each of these three billion poor people has less than two US dollars for one day. And for the poorest 1.

2 billion people, it's only one US dollar. Maybe... it's less than one. These are explaining that the poor is need education. Because of their population problems makes all the poor without get education. For example, ! ^0 A country like Tchad, with a population of almost 3 millions, has only 140 people with a higher education.

Nor is there much hope that this situation might change rapidly -even if the present ambitious plans succeed in increasing the number of university students to 250, 000 by 1980, it will still mean that only 1. 5% of Africans will have access to higher education. ! +/- (Colin Legume, 1966, P 176). In some poor countries develops their education, this need a long time. Without good education, usually, it is very difficult for them to find jobs. Everyone knows that every year, developed countries give developing countries a lot of help, such as money, energy sources, leech dom, food, etc.

Also, many people know sometimes a big part of the money doesn't go to the place where it should go. It's really bad. All the money comes from people's hard work, through developed countries have a lot of money. The money is for the whole country instead of several leaders.

So at the same time when developed countries give a lot of help to developing countries, they should also pay attention that how the money was used. It's very important. Also, to help developing countries is very good for developed countries. Today, the word is integration. Developed countries want to develop their economy. But the poverty causes a lot of diseases, conflicts, of even wars sometimes.

It's too bad for economy. So developed countries should try to help the poor to improve their situations and hold their countries steady. Remember the hot wire, the plan that the government of George Bush Junior made? Well, there is also a Job's news that the European governments didn't agree with the plan. They said the direct help couldn! t be more than 10 percent. Well, no matter what level of the help is in, it's better than paying no attention at all. If the developed countries can give the poor and the poor countries moor help, and if developing countries can make better use of their money, I believe the future of our human being will be much better..