As you walk down Broadway on a blistering cold winter day, you can't help but feel the pain of the homeless people huddling around barrels of fire trying to stay warm. In New York City there are way to many homeless people. You see many people with torn up clothes and signs begging for money. They need the money to survive and buy food, not the extra stuff we take for granted. That's not fair. Many people are homeless but it might not be their fault.

Some homeless people are lazy and want to be homeless. But the majority of homeless people don't want to be homeless. Do you think that homeless people like having no home and always being hungry? Many homeless people are people who have been working all their lives and just can't keep up with the expensive rent these days. Also, some people just can't get a job so they have to scavenge around the city to survive.

Some are disabled veterans who went to war and when they got back the country they fought for took their homes. When a person can't physically work shouldn't our government help support them? " Each year, families make up about half the homeless population." Says National Alliance to End Homelessness. Many homemakers lost their working husbands and can't pay the rent so they loose their houses and have to live on the streets. After a couple of weeks they use all of their savings and have to scavenge around for food. You might even see one of the homeless mothers looking for food in a garbage can to feed her baby. That's not right.

It is not her fault that her husband passed away. She should get a break and get a little house to take care of her family in. According to the U. S. Department of Agriculture," 34 million people went hungry in 2000-including 13 million children." About eighty-five percent of the homeless population doesn't want to be homeless. The other fifteen percent of the people who don't want to work deserve to be homeless.

Those people don't work and all they do is ask working people for their money. Many of them can't get jobs because they are homeless and people see them as dirty and disgusting. They don't want to have to pay taxes. We have to pay taxes and some of our tax money goes to them. That's not fair for working people. We work hard for every dollar we get.

Is it fair that hard working people need to pay for the homeless people that don't feel like working but are able to? Many homeless people don't go to the homeless shelters because of the conditions. You have to share a very small room with three to four families you don't even know. You have to line up in the kitchen hours before it opens or there will not be any food left for you. This country needs a better plan for the homeless people so they have more space and they won't be scared of going to stay at a shelter. "Every night in the United States, about 750, 000 people experience homelessness." Says National Alliance to End Homelessness. I believe that every person should go volunteer a couple hours of their time each week and help at a shelter.

Just think, if everyone, including you, just pitched in a little to help these poor homeless people, what a difference it would make in their and our world.