When I stepped out of high school, I felt that that day was the first day of my independence. That independence came sooner than I wanted it to. I knew then that it was time to prepare myself for that next level, college. I came to college with a laid-back attitude... I was in for a rude awakening. My experiences in college were ones that will last throughout my years of education.

The experiences that I have gained from college were useful. The biggest experience I gained was to know when to ask for help and not to be afraid to do so. I guess at that point and time of my life I felt like I knew everything and I was too proud to ask for help, that was a big mistake. I had to learn that lesson the hard way. I also learned not to college so lightly. My biggest challenge was finding a daycare for my son, so I could focus more on my schoolwork.

When I remedied the situation I was able to spend more time working on my studies. My current challenge now is finding a job. Hopefully I will be able to diminish this challenge soon. When I complete college, I plan to have a higher learning of life, a college degree in accounting and marketing, and good business and social contacts. After college I plan to immediately take the Certified Public Accountants exam (CPA exam) and receive my CPA license. I would like to pursue a CPA position in either the FBI or IRS agencies.

More likely I will have to gain a few years experience working at some firms and / or businesses before I can pursue with this plan. The factors that have lead me to my current GPA would mostly be more time to study, focusing on my schoolwork, and discipline. My previous GPA wasn't my best. I had reasons for the results of my bad grades but it could have been avoided. Now that I am in my second year of college, my grades have tremendously elevated and expect to stay on this same path until graduation.

I have now learned discipline on focusing more on my studies. I think that my first transition was a learning phase and now I am ready to attain my goals.